when i was in first grade, i was bored at home. i would stare at my Lego sets, too bored to actually play with them.¬† but one day, we went to japan. there, we visited the Tokyo sky tree. there was an aquarium, so we went in, the aquarium itself was blurry when i think about it. but then at the gift shop, at aisle 4, row 6 from the bottom, was this little penguin, staring at me. those eyes, like two diamonds embedded into the penguin, was pointed at me like it did it itself, and so i took it home. but when i looked at my home again, it was… different. i could see things that weren’t there before, and so i wanted to tell them to someone, those wonderful things. so then came the era of pencil and paper.

later, i would learn that thing was an imagination, and i would write¬† them down in drawings, and thus i became addicted to comic books. telling stories with pictures, even that idea pulled me in. i read all the classics, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, big Nate, all of the ones i loved were newspaper strips. when this day came, i obviously chose create comics, and i wanted to do a comic like a newspaper strip. but about what? but then there he was, at my house, on the table i was sitting at, was that penguin. with those ruby-like eyes, staring at me. suddenly, memories came back. i could see the good times that we had, and those were the only things i loved that i didn’t draw. so i decided to change that.

that penguin’s name? why, it was clumsy.

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