For OneDay, I chose the game group because there were no other good options (except for create comics).

In my project, I made a board game that “requires” good math skills. It is a role-playing simulation game, with an interchangeable game board. This game is basically like the game Dungeons and Dragons mixed with Civilization V mixed with Dice Rolling mixed with chance mixed with Settlers in Catan mixed with Death mixed with role-playing. For further information on how to play the game, please read my 30-page instruction book in this link. (Click on the t)

My biggest challenge was the instruction book, because this is a very complicated game, and it is about 10-20 pages long. I apologize that I did not finish it.

During OneDay, I started by going on tinkecad and designing my game pieces. This was fairly easy because the designs were not complicated. Then, I started to cut the game board, which took very long because there were many pieces and they required to be colored.

Overall, my day was good, but lacking levity. I felt generally Okay, but was a little bored at some points in the day. My thinking played out great.

I learned that creating a proper, original, functional game is difficult, and is not possible to complete in one day. (Get it? One day – OneDay?)