One-Day Progress

This is the first photo of my 2D shooting game. I was able to move my character fluently. In this step, the character moved without any problem. Next thing I had to do is to paste the maps for the game.

I got maps from Matthew and SG and successfully added to our game. The only thing left to us was to give the character a weapon and set firing points so that we can actually shoot.

It didn’t take me a long time to actually change the design of the character and give it an arm. However, it did take a long time to actually make the arm to move smoothly.

However, I wasn’t able to keep work on my game, and you can see in the game that there are 3 problems that I can’t solve.
One-Day Reflection

Today, I, SG and Matthew worked together to make a 2D shooting game. My job was to program the files and scripts to finish the game. SG and Matthews drew the backgrounds for our game. I was proud that I programmed quite quickly that we had quite a time to rest. However, I was stuck at some mechanical problem that we couldn’t continue working on our game, and our game cannot be able to finish now. I was quite upset at this point. I chose this project because I thought it would be very exciting experience, however, it ended up in vain. I learned that we should have gathered more information about coding, and if I am doing the same thing in the future, I will try to prepare as much professional information as possible.