<Making toy robot out of>

Location: Feb Lab(Behind the Dom)

Date: 14/Feb/2018

Supported by Precious Plastic


and three great teachers


I made toy robot out of plastic in the Feb Lab. Most people think plastic is trash that hard to remove. However, plastic is very useful so people can’t stop using plastic. There are many convenient things made out of plastic like disposable dish, file, plastic bottle, bottle cap, mechanical pencil and so on. These things have similarity that spend lots of time when remove these materials and some materials cant remove.                                                                       People want to solve this problem and they thought make other useful things with these trash plastics.




<machines that help me to make Robot out of plastic>

Shredder: To grind plastic very tiny pieces. (Left side of below picture)

Extruder: To heat tiny plastics and change these pieces into hot soft line. I use this machine to make head of robot. (Right side of below picture)

tiny pieces:                                                 






sander: To make materials clearly and exquisitely.




Table cutter: To cut hard plastic





Finally, I made toy robot.