One day 2018 was a great time with my fellow photographers. we went to the river and the village to get some photos which were very good as you can see from outside our homeroom 85. we went to the village and outside in the cold the river was frozen and a bicycle. and then we went into the village where we found a lot of frozen things and icicles everywhere. we found a pair of pants which had icicles hanging from them. I was so cold and I couldn’t feel my nose. then we got a lot of good pictures and got to the bus to go to the river.

Then we went to the river and I got my bests picture there. I found a hat floating in the bank of the river. we got to see people fishing and got to see some great landscapes. we also found these to weird dolls behind a bin.

we got back and picked our best photos and edited them and made them as good as we could. then we printed them and we made frames and posted them outside our class where our exhibition happened. I used the dog photo and the hat photo.
it was a very good one day and I got to take some really good photos.