Author: Andy N

In this One Day, I participated in the event “Top Chef”. It was a very fun and entertaining experience, in which we were supposed to make and plan 3 dishes that we would make: brunch, dinner, and dessert, Eggs Benedict, Chicken Parmesan, and Frosted Cake and Cookie Sandwiches, respectively.  We were also assigned a mystery ingredient, and we got lucky with an ingredient that you can use to season almost any meal- Lemons. We incorporated lemons into our dishes by seasoning the spinach and using it in the hollandaise sauce, using it in the chicken and the pasta, and dripping it slightly on the cake. All in all, I feel like we did pretty well with all our dishes, and that this was a successful and fun One Day. A video of what we did is below.

Andy, Michael, and Daniel’s Minecraft Town for 1Day

Our group, for 1 Day, made a huge Minecraft town with a ton of stuff you would find in a real city (Store, School, Hospital, Zoo, etc…). Below is (most of) the town, and as you can see, the big wooden block is the school, the big white block is the hospital, the golden thing is the zoo and the half-blocked grey rectangle is the store. There is also an airport, temples, a mayor’s house (The one with trees on the sides), even a helicopter with a pad! If you want to see the city in higher quality, please look at our tour around the city. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.04.22 AM

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