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Skin Care DIY StUfF !!!

By: Angel Wang

Products:  Color changing nail polish, lip care ( lip bomb, lip gloss, lip scrub, and EOS lip bomb ), Soap ( flubber soap and solid soap), Bath bomb

  1. What challenges did you face in this project? How did you overcome these challenges?

I had many challenges during the whole day, for example, when i was making my EOS lip bomb, the whole thing just broke into two parts, and the little crumbs that fell out are impossible to put back together. So i decided to remake the whole thing, and this time, i tried looking at the video on youtube i was inspired by, and tried it all over again, the was still sorta messy, but the whole thing is ok. ( the youtube video i was inspired by : ) Another example was when i was making my bath bomb, carefully followed all the instructions, but in the end, after i left it for a few hours to dry, the whole thing wouldn’t come off the mold, so i tried many ways trying to get it out, but failed. At last, i … broke the bath bomb and i had to fix it, so i but the broken pieces back into the mold and hardened it well, and then without waiting any longer, i tried again, using the same way ( pushing one end of the bath bomb so the other end can just pop out), i did it, and then i decided to put the two half circles of bath bomb pieces together ( by adding some water in between them so they can have this sticky moister thing) and let it dry when it is all together, AND IT WORKED, YAY!!!!!!!

2. What did you learn through the process of completing this project?

I learned many things, for instance, something that is very improtant to know is that when you start making something, always think of the after, like you should really make all your things on a pieces of news paper or something that is really easy to clean up with instead of using the table. Like me, i used the counter and the table and it took a whole 2 hours to clean all those wax, vasiline and other stuff off, it was hard work. Another thing i learned that you really need patience for these can of stuff, because when i was making one of the lip bombs, i left it outside ( cause its cold outside and there were no frigde in the lab) for like 30 seconds and brought it back in and tried to use it, but only the top layer was actually dry, the bottom was still hot and liquid, and as i tried to use it, my finger poked inside of the top layer and my finger hurted a lot, even thought the thing wasn’t really hot, still don’t do that, just wait for a few more minutes and you can do alot of other things while you wait, but never wait toooooo long. And just a quick tip, if you ever want to make a EOS container to make your lip bomb in, there is a thing in there where you need to take a peice of in order to actually be able to use the container, never use tweezers, cause i did and a poked myself badly and it bleeded alot, the most important thing is that it actually hurts even thought it is a small cut. Instead of using tweezers, use exacto knives instead, it just pops open like *plop*.

3. What would you do differently if you were to do this ( or a similar) project again?

As i said before when i answered the second question, always use a thing that is really easy to clean up with to make your things instead of using the table, becuase, first your gonna destroy the table, second it takes you hours to get those stuff off, so ya. Another thing i would do differently is bring some extra materials just in case you run out because i ran out of some things and i had to quite making that thing.


My Bathbombs

My color changing nail polish

The actual color changing part

COLD                                                                              HOT

All my lip care ( lip bomb, lip gloss, lip scrub, and EOS lip bomb )

My fail lip bomb that broke in two

My soap ( flubber soap ( which is squishy soap) and actual solid soap

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