For my OneDay project, I decided to join paper quilling for Chinese New Year group. I chose paper quilling because I like doing paper quilling and I wanted to challenge myself to try to make something big with simple techniques. Me and my partner (Cara) had the idea of a peacock

Here is the picture of when we started to plan our idea onto paper:

After we planned our idea onto paper, we started to paper quill our idea. This is the picture of when we just finished the border of flowers and the frame where 福 would come later:

Then we wrote 福 upside down and started to work on the peacock. The peacock was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. This is our finished product:


I learned a lot during OneDay. I learned about different techniques and styles paper quilling. There were many problems during the process when the paper wasn’t sticking to the glue,  when the shape we made was too small or too big, or when our originally planned idea wasn’t working.  I also learned that paper quilling requires time and patience because paper quilling needs a long time, like a big picture like ours. If we had a chance to do this again, I would choose an easier idea and not rush though because it would ruin the picture.