For One Day, I decided to create terrariums, it was out of pure interest, and knowing that it would be fun. On One Day, we did do a lot of fun things and creating amazing looking terrariums.

On One Day, I’ve learned to create a terrarium, and what the layers of a terrarium isĀ used for. This is the first time I have ever created a Terrarium, and I really liked the experience and would like to do more projects like today. The task was more difficult than I expected, I know my hand is trembly, so getting the plants in the proper position and having its roots buried in the soil was very difficult. Which is why the chopsticks were very useful to reach for the plants.

Below is the iBook that my partner and I have created, it shows how someone who wanted to create a terrarium would create a terrarium. If you want to create a terrarium yourself, follow the iBook and create one.