What we did during Top-chef was to make three different dishes while incorporating a mystery ingredient into them.

The order of the dishes goes as follows; Brunch, Entrée and Dessert.

For Brunch, we made an Eggs Benedict with a side of Beans, Sausages and Bacon.

Entrée: Chicken Parmesan sandwich with a Rágu Pasta.

For dessert, we made a buttercream cake with an ice-cream glaze. with a dollop of ice-cream and buttercream on the side.

The mystery ingredient that was given to us was Lemons, and we had to incorporate it into every dish that we made. so we added a lemon juice to the hollandaise sauce to make it taste lemony. and for the chicken parm, we incorporated it into the chicken for that hint of lemon. and we also put it into the buttercream as a lemon glaze.