Author: Evan L2

Shutter Up

This one day I went out to two different locations to take pictures of different kinds of things like dogs, cones, walls, water, etc. the two different locations were the river and the village right behind BSB. We first went to the village and found out that there was a lot of things take a photo of, like bikes in a frozen river, wild dogs, and village life. I use my friends CANON D5 MARK IV and the pictures I took came out really cool. Another location is the River, the river is a great place for people to fish, even though it is filled with trash, but we saw at least 5 people fishing. here we took some scenery photos and came back to edit the photos. I choose two photos, one with two cones, one with dead corn crops. I had a great time with my friends taking photos around our school.

Evan Lin’s One Day Post


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