My group-Felix Z, Michael X, Eric W, Richard J has thought of an idea to making a video  showing different levels of dribbling skills, with 3 ranks, beginner, amateur, and advanced. Examples like scissors, and cutting outside with outside of your foot, those are two of skills to show for beginners. For intermediates, we would show skills like elastico, and Maradona spin. Advanced skills like a switch rabona, around the world, and combinations of skills, and add some freestyle tricks. If the video isn’t long enough, we will add some behind the scenes.

One of our challenges when filming is that our group wasn’t that organized, and what I mean by that is we didn’t give role correctly since some of the skills were too hard for us and some of them we could do and some of them took a lot of time. Also a lot of time was wasted because at some times we were unfocused and played with the our group across from our space, and the project was slowly improving, we had to get reminded by the project manager for being of task, and thats why our project took a lot of time.

But I was surprised of the improvement we did after break, we were able to catch up on filming and we actually made this project more entertaining to grab attention to those group member who don’t work, which made them more productive and we were able to film the videos we needed, extra credit to the facilitator.

Our final product was finally finished, but the collaboration didn’t happen too much. When I was the editor, my group members that were beside me didn’t collaborate with me while editing, some of them were even off task, and thats what made our project difficult, for me, because they all already finished their blog post. The rest of the project went pretty smooth except for the times where we were off task and playing with other groups, which was our only challenge during the process of OneDay. Its only whenever I ask them to help me, they just start giving me advice, which really helped when editing, and thats why I got to our groups final product.