Author: Grace W

Grace-Journal 2

Polymer Project Journal 2 Notes-2

Shunyi Photography-Grace

This year for One day, I chose to do photography because I used to love photography and I wanted to also improve on it. We went to the village behind BSB and the Wen Yu river to take pictures. When we got there, it was really fun to figure out the angles and shoot different kind of objects and buildings. I think while having that experience, I have improved on my skills in taking photos and also editing the photos afterwards. I thought that the village experience was better than the river experience because in the river experience we got to interact with the villagers and take pictures of more lively things. But during the river experience, it was harder to find what to take as everybody was taking the same sets of pictures.

I also took a lot of MS life pictures but I chose this one because I really liked how I edited it and where the camera was focused at.

Shunyi Photography

Experimenting with Oobleck

For One day, Sam, SY, and I experimented with oobleck to see it can be useful. We made a few stress balls which was a great success, and we also went around the school to see other people’s reactions.




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