For 2018 ONEday, I chose to make both entertaining and concise tutorial of cat Mario. To make a tutorial, I collaboratively worked as a team and I practiced all levels of cat Mario before ONEday.  In the team, I contributed to film a video of how to play level 1 and 3 of cat Mario and I chose music for the tutorial, but later we decided not to put music in the actual video. Instead, we put BGMs into the tutorial.

I chose this project because cat Mario is one of the hardest game in the world and I wanted to challenge myself. In addition, I wanted to be collaborative in this project since I worked individually in previous ONEday.


  1. Practice all 6 levels of cat Mario
  2. Film all 6 levels of cat Mario using Youtube
  3. Export video from Youtube
  4. Edit video by adding subtitles as well as BGMs using iMovie
  5. Finalize tutorial video

Through this process, we also had lots of problems. During filming the tutorial video, we had a problem with the audio so we needed to redo some of the levels in cat Mario. Also, our video was too long while it was meant to be short so we deleted lots of unnecessary parts in our video.

Throughout this year ONEday project, I was very proud of myself the fact that I finished all levels of cat Mario and even created a perfect tutorial of it by working with a team; however, I was little bit disappointed that my music didn’t go to the final product and my portion of the video was longer than the other parts. Furthermore, l learned the most valuable lesson from ONEday project: Working collaboratively as a team is the life skill and making tutorial of the game is not as simple as what I have expected.


Cleared all levels of cat Mario

Watching and editing the tutorial video using iMovie


Link for the tutorial video: