Author: Jason L

Shunyi Photography – One Day 2018

For One Day this year, I chose photography, an experience of something drastically different compared to last year, where we had the chance to do whatever we wanted. Photography has always been something I have enjoyed, taking snapshots of certain things to enhance memory of the past. Looking back at photos was always something I liked to do, flipping through scrap books taking time to reminisce. However, shooting scenary and walking in villages and just taking photos of passers-by was something I have never done so this project was brand new to me. There were challenges along the way, as the sunlight might not have been the way I wanted it to be, but in the end, I think I have experienced a successful day, taking some stunning shots of our beautiful environment.


OneDay Basketball Project

Our project is about how to shoot free-throws and 0 degree shots. In our video we will show you at what angle and degree is the best for shooting. We recorded the results by using a SMART basketball and filmed from different angles so there might be the same shot several times. Enjoy our video!

Watch our video at:file:


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