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A Strand For You (Friendship Bracelets)

For my OneDay project, I worked on making friendship bracelets out of embroidery thread. Originally, my plan was to make DIY phone cases but some issues came up when I was ordering online, so the bracelets were a backup plan.


Original Plan: (Phone Cases)                                                                                                                                             Backup Plan: (Friendship Bracelets)                                                                           Personally, I wasn’t very happy with how my project turned

out since it doesn’t look the best, but I still had a lot of fun making these. 









This was the first bracelet I made during OneDay. I actually didn’t know how to make bracelets before so I struggled for a bit before being able to finish it. The colors of the embroidery thread looked very good together though the bracelet turned out too big. I added the two clasps and some rings to hold it together at the end.


After the first bracelet, I sort of experimented with other colors, such as the one below. I used normal braiding to make this bracelet but instead of ending it with the clasps, I used a small ring to connect the two ends.


I was running out of thread that I like so I turned to making a necklace, like this:

It wasn’t really handmade because the chain was already made and I only had to add a few beads to it. However, this was probably my favorite one out of the others.


This was similar to the necklace but this was a bracelet and the beads were purple.

During the OneDay this year, I learned many things. First of all, I learned how to make these bracelets as I had no clue at first. In the process of making these bracelets, I had several struggles and problems but I learned to be patient and to not give up on things easily.

OneDay 2017-Nature Themed Origami and Drawing Collage ;

For my OneDay project, I worked with Erica. We created a nature themed collage with origami and drawings pasted on a maple leaf shaped cardboard. A thing that was a success was that we finished our whole art project completely, as well as being done with filming and editing the origami tutorial. A challenge that we faced during OneDay was that things were very messy, like when we were adding the glitter to our cardboard, a whole lot of glitter spilled onto the floor meaning we had to clean it all up therefore we wasted time. I think I will continue with something related to art next year because OneDay this year was very fun and exciting.



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