Author: Leon G

Our Planet (Stop-Motion Making)

On One Day, I was working on stop-motion movie. My partner and I were trying to inform the importance of afforesting.


First, I drew an old-male creature. But the rate of progress was being low because I was drawing it slow, And I only drew nine frames in an hour. Finally, my partner came, which increased the quantity because her drawing was quick and fast. Also, since she joined in, I can be the

 photographer and I really appreciate it. Well, the creature I designed was a bit ugly, so my partner was quite disappointed. Despite all of these, the process went well. And then,

we erased the blue sky and grass, instead, we turned them into factories and buildings, which makes the creature pretty upset. After that, we decided to let the creature washed his hand in order to let it see the consequence of letting the factories functioning. At last, we added a pair of wings on the creature, and let it planted the plants. That’s basically all we did on OneDay.


There was a lot of challenge that we were facing. At first, we thought making a stop-motion movie is pretty simple. But then, in six hours, we only produced a video with 17 seconds! Also, for the first hour, my partner wasn’t here. Well, this was a nightmare for me because the quantity for me to draw these frames are low. Eventually, my partner: Hannah came. If this didn’t happen, I might die at some points.


However, when there is dark, there will be light. We successfully filmed a video with tons of problems, and the quality of it is still very good, which is one of the highlights that I really appreciate. Also, we discovered that imagination cannot always be true. In the experience, we thought we could produce a one-minute video, but we had to create thousands of frames in order to do that. So, yes, we gave up.


At last, I want to talk about that we could improve. First of all, I think Hannah and I should make the video smooth if we had enough time. Second, we can let the “human” in the scene has a pair of eyes. In my personal opinion, that’s all we could improve!


Thanks for reading this poster, let’s take a look at our fantastic stop-motion movie!


ONEday 2017–Hamster House


ONEday 2017–Hamster House

Goal: Make a house for hamster.

What did you create?

I created a legos hamster house. It is easy to break, so I think hamster is hard to live in this legos house. And also, hamster can escape from this house because of the fences of this legos house are low.

What were your successes?

I am successes of I built a car for my door.

What were your challenges?

I think the challenge was the legos were easy to break. So when the hamster is standing, maybe she will break the roof of her bedroom.

What was your impact and/or will you continue with anything from ONEday in the future?

I think I will continue building my hamster house to let the fences of it can be higher and maybe can let will feel better when she is living in it.img_4734 img_4729 img_4732 img_4727 img_4726

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