Author: Maya

My hunanaties Goals

I think that i need to work on my attitude towards challenges because i have noticed that when i am given a challenge, my attitude is not always positive. To achieve my goal, i will look at the positives of the challenge such as what i will learn and how it will help me. I will make sure that i am achieving my goal by going towards challenges when i have the choice.

Bunny Love

For my one-day project I decided to make a replica of my pet bunny but as a bowl. The I got a chunk of white clay and rolled it through the slab roller. Then I folded the edges to make a long narrow bowl. I had to make another one because my first one was too thin but my second one turned out great. After that I made the tail by making a small clay ball and hollowed it. Then I smoothed it on the back of the narrow bowl. I also had to poke a hole in it so that it would not explode in the kiln. Next, I made the head. I made a ball and I hollowed it out with a texture tool. Then I poked two holes through the head to make the eyes and one big hole to make the nose. After that I made the ears my taking a piece of clay and rolling it out. I cut out to ears and I used the score and slip technique to attach them. It was very hard to make because tips of the ears kept breaking but I added another lair of clay to make them strong. After I attached the ears, I had to attach the head to the body, so I took the edge of my narrow bowl and smoothed it onto the bottom of my head and made a neck. The neck was too thin to support the head, so I had to prop it up with some sponges. After that I added more clay to the neck so that it was stronger. Once my bunny dried a bit, Mrs. Winkleman and I flipped my bunny over and I used the score and slip technique to attach the legs. I made the legs by getting two slabs of clay and rolling them into long oval strips. The I hollowed them out and folded the edges to make the feet. Once I was done making my bunny, I glazed it in white glaze and let it dry.


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