Author: Michelle


For Oneday, I chose to work in the Handmade gifts group. I felt really passionate about creating things, which lead to the creation of a puzzle. In the beginning, overestimated myself, thinking that I would be able to finish three puzzle in the 5 hours time. This was misleading, however, because the cutting of the cardboard was harder than I thought, only being able to cut out one puzzle.

Photo glued on to cardboard

Here is the beginning stage of making a puzzle, where I glued the photo on to a thin piece of cardboard. In this stage, I used white glue, so that the picture can stay on the cardboard for a long time. But this was not a good choice, because the photos started wrinkling as time passed, until the glue completely dried.

Cut out border

This is where I started to cut out the borders of the pictures so that there are no blank space where it is not filled with a picture. In this stage, some parts of the paper were not completely dried, which made it hard for me to cut out with a fine edge. The pictures moved, as I cut with a knife, and parts of the picture ripped off which made a impact on the final pieces.

shape of puzzle placed on photo

To cut out the photo into puzzle pieces, I placed the shape of a puzzle on the photo, and cut out with a knife with the puzzle pieces on top. This stage took the longest time, making me not being able to finish all three and even not being able to finish one. I think this is because of the tool that I used. The knife was a little bit dull when I used, making it slow and hard to cut out each piece.


Final puzzle pieces

I have learned a lot during Oneday. I learned about the choice of the tools can change the final product. The use of the knife made the puzzle pieces very good, but it took way too much time on cutting them. The use of a scissor made it really quick, but the puzzle pieces did not look very good. I used the knife for the most of Oneday, which made me have to finish cutting the puzzle pieces at home, since I ran out of time.


OneDay 2017- Switching Instruments; Analyze the difference between bass and treble celf.

For my OneDay project, I worked with my friend, Vivian. In the beginning, we played Canon in D with our own instruments so that we can know what the song sounds like. I played the violin, Vivian played the cello. Then Vivian taught me how to play cello and I taught her the violin. Learning the cello was not difficult at all, but teaching the violin was harder than I thought. It took one hour more than I thought it would take, and Vivian and I used a lot of energy to learn and teach. Learning how to play a new instrument was difficult in one way and easy in another way. In the end, we successfully played the music, Canon in D.

I learned that the lower the sound the string makes, the more energy you need to put in to make the sound. When I tried playing the C string on the cello, I noticed that if I don’t put enough energy to make the sound, the sound will come out as a squeak. My right arm was tiring at the end, even though I repeated the same line over and over again. Also, I learned that even if I thought I can play the violin very well, I could not teach someone without experience in teaching.

If I do this project again, I would change our plan to make sure we learned some basic information about the instruments before OneDay so that we can save time.

In the future, I will continue to learn new instruments, adding experience on playing instruments, for my future career.



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