In one day, our project was creating a card game. The card game was based on a video game called Hearthstone. My work was to find all the card that would be possible to play in the game and creating and printing it. I also created the rules for the game. For the morning, we were thinking of how to create the rule. Finally, we decided to make 5 characters for the player to choose. This makes the player gets a verity of choices so it would be fun. We decided that every deck should have 30 cards. This will make the game longer and more fun to play. We first decided the cards we were supposed to choose. We printed an approximate of 150+cards. Then we cute the cards. IT took a long time and effort to do that job. At last, we play tested it and it worked perfictly.

The major event of the day was creating the rules because most of the thoughts we had didn’t work because it is a card game no the video game. We also decided to change the rules a bit so it would be more fun for the people that plays the game. It was really hard to explain the rules to people that don’t play the video game because there are many different effects for different cards so some cards people cannot understand.

I thought that one day worked out because I had a lot of fun creating and playing the game. The playing of the card game really worked out and we had fun play testing it. We also tried to add a 3 person game. It was made by us but it worked out really well.

It is a game where you destroy the enemy opponent to win. You have a variety of cards that assist you to destroy and crush your opponent. There is also a variety of heroes to choose from to make the game to make is less predictable so it’s fun and enjoyable to play. I choose this project because it is a game on the laptop that I really enjoy playing. I also choose it because I thought it will be really attracting to create cards to play.