Author: sophia.liu

ShunYi photography (village, river, MS life)

For one day, I chose ShunYi photography. We went to two places to take photos, the village and the river. I took many good photos of village life, both of people and the houses. However, I only had one good photo of the river, since the river didn’t have many interesting spots. I also took a few photos of my friends taking pictures and printed one out for the MS life board. To me, this year’s one day was a success, since I learned new photography skills and developed a stronger liking for photography. I also learned how to edit photos and make them look better without making them look too edited.

ONEDAY 2017 Violin Classical Piece-Sophia L

My goal for ONEDAY was to learn a violin solo piece and record it with a piano accompaniment part. At the end, I did accomplish my goal but my product wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I did a good job matching the accompaniment part with my solo, but I could have done better playing the piece and planning because I spent a lot of time deciding between two pieces. I will continue to play violin and I will learn lots of solo pieces in the future.


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