For my One day project, I decided to make a sock monkey.  It was a great way to recycle socks, and sock monkeys are a great gift for people. It was my first time making sock monkey, so it was pretty hard and challenging, but it was a great experience and I enjoyed making it.

How to make sock monkey :


Materials : a pair of clean socks , sewing stuff, a marker, scissors, and goggly eyes, Pollyfill stuffings

  1. Turn one sock inside-out and draw a line across the sockwith the marker ( from the toes from the heels )

2. Sew around the line and cut along the line with scissors



3. stuff the polly fill stuffings in.

4. sew the neck and the head. It should look like this

5. get another sock and draw the lines like this and cut it



6. Attack them to the monkey and put Pollyfill stuffings in it.


7. Put the eyes on