I made Hearthstone in card game version.   Players: 2 ~3

How to play:

1. You have to roll a dice. If you get bigger number than your opponent you start first.

2. If you start first you take 3cards but if you start later than your opponent you take 4cards and a coin. If you use the coin you get ONE more mana(you can only use the coin once when you want to

3. You can deal a card(the cards mana gage can not go over the mana you have right now)

4. You have to kill the boss to win


  1. Biggest challenge?

Cutting the cards out


  1. Biggest success?

We finished it!!!!! Yay!!


  1. What I learned…

I learned that we should cooperate to make things done when we are in a group(don’t just play Hearthstone.)


  1. Future steps…

Make 4+ player game (not age)