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One day project: Tony’s Roller Coaster race car

One day project: Roller Coaster Car


Pass the roller coaster track


Design process and how you built car:

I will build the car low so it decreases the resistance of the air. I will use heavy material to build the car because the gravity makes the heavy car go faster down the track.



Axles and wheel:

Wood, paper and glass


Cup knife, Scissors, hacksaw and cutting machine.

Final Car:

Challenge/Problem you may face:


It’s hard to glue the part of the car together so i use a hot glue. The car is too fat. It almost as fat as the track so I build a new thin car. My cars always turn over. I break a lot of part of the car but I don’t know that problem with my car. So I make a new car.


How could you improve your design:

I built a new, thin car and I stick a water bottle on the car so the car goes heavier and go faster down the track.

I don’t have time to test my new car so I don’t have the video.

Roller Coaster

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