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Clay Ninja Star

Today I made a big ninja star. I made a paper template using a compass, a very big piece of paper, and scissors. I learned how to use a compass to make circles and make same curves for my blades. Then I cut it out and took a big piece of clay and started to make it into a cube and finally a steak shape with a slight slope. I put it into the slab roller and got a slab and cut it into the ring in the middle of the ninja star and smoothed it the best I can. then I repeated the process until I had the other three blades and used the slip and score technique to stick the blades on the ring and glazed the whole the whole thing. If I redo this I will change the design of the blades and add small blades in between the big ones. But the whole process was smooth, without big problems.

Medieval Secrets

My Medieval Game:

For OneDay, I chose to make a card game/mafia. It is about a crime scene type of game. The game is based on  the Medieval times.

I work on my project for 5 hours straight, making boxes for my game and printing cards over and over again so I can get a perfect size for my game.

I  started the day (One day) by my cards. I printed my cards with black and white, then I found out that the card is the perfect size. So I printed it with colour in normal paper, Mr. Mar told me that there is thick paper you can print out with. The start of the day I wasted a lot of paper and credit on the cards.

After I finished my cards, I stared with my rulebook and got some feedback from Mr. Mar.

I started making box for my game. I spend about 2 hours to make the box and 40 minutes to stick paper on the box so it will be fancier.

Throughout the day, I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun cutting and gluing the box for my game.

I chose Medieval Secrets to be my game since my first idea was totally destroyed.

And it is the first thing to pop up at my head.

How Herer Beat Fran P

Found a map

We f

inished based storyline/plot

Designed monsters at different places


Talented characters are made

The interview of certain buildings were finished

We have been successful throughout the game making progress. The game is about five people trying to survive at an island with magic story and monsters. Multiple choices are given to the players that determine the ending of the story. This project will benefit me with lots of group work, will also involve luck in combat


Shutter Up

This one day I went out to two different locations to take pictures of different kinds of things like dogs, cones, walls, water, etc. the two different locations were the river and the village right behind BSB. We first went to the village and found out that there was a lot of things take a photo of, like bikes in a frozen river, wild dogs, and village life. I use my friends CANON D5 MARK IV and the pictures I took came out really cool. Another location is the River, the river is a great place for people to fish, even though it is filled with trash, but we saw at least 5 people fishing. here we took some scenery photos and came back to edit the photos. I choose two photos, one with two cones, one with dead corn crops. I had a great time with my friends taking photos around our school.

The Title: Evolution

For OneDay, I chose the game group because there were no other good options (except for create comics).

In my project, I made a board game that “requires” good math skills. It is a role-playing simulation game, with an interchangeable game board. This game is basically like the game Dungeons and Dragons mixed with Civilization V mixed with Dice Rolling mixed with chance mixed with Settlers in Catan mixed with Death mixed with role-playing. For further information on how to play the game, please read my 30-page instruction book in this link. (Click on the t)

My biggest challenge was the instruction book, because this is a very complicated game, and it is about 10-20 pages long. I apologize that I did not finish it.

During OneDay, I started by going on tinkecad and designing my game pieces. This was fairly easy because the designs were not complicated. Then, I started to cut the game board, which took very long because there were many pieces and they required to be colored.

Overall, my day was good, but lacking levity. I felt generally Okay, but was a little bored at some points in the day. My thinking played out great.

I learned that creating a proper, original, functional game is difficult, and is not possible to complete in one day. (Get it? One day – OneDay?)


Hearthstone smaller ver.

My one day’s biggest challenge was of the finding a rule about the game we made. We made a game which was smaller than origin game, so it was hard to change the rule. Also, biggest success was that I finished that thing. What we learned is that it takes lots of time and it’s hard to make an even a small game. At future, I think we can make more card and make more like the original game.

Yesterday, we made the rule of games  and cut the cards for the game. I had the role of having the part of the design and the printing of the cards and the major event of the day was the cutting the cards it take us about 2~3 hours to do that. Actually my day was pretty hard and boring before finishing the cards. We didn’t expect that we will run out of card covers. The proud moment was after we finished all the cards and played once. It made me proud because it took us long to make the card and it means we did it. We learned that even a small game takes lots of time

The Cool Mystery Island

Title: Mystery Island

For one day, we made a role-playing game. We worked on how to finalize our project. We also gain really much experiences. We chose to work on a role playing game because I thought they were fun Explain your Goal / Game for today!-

Explain your role/s in the creation of the game (image of plan)

I did all of the combat data for the group (evidence?)

-I found picture for the monster character (evidence?)

-I give suggestions to help improve the character (old man, changing character so not as strong – be more specific Francis)

I will help to Finnish up the game (by doing what….?)


The Mega Cat Mario by Mega People

My project is a group project by Christopher and myself. We made a tutorial for one of hardest game in the world, Cat Mario. At first, we were live streaming and now we made a video, that is posted on youtube. The 3,4,5, and the 6th level was very hard and we took a lot of time, this made us a little disadvantage because we wanted to have a video with a lot of songs, but because we consumed too much time on those levels.

I chose to do a tutorial on Cat Mario because many people get really triggered at this game even though it’s only 6 levels and tends to not finish the game. As a team, we decided to divide and conquer, making the tutorial easier for others to follow and finish the whole game.

My role in the group was editing with Christopher. I also set up the live streaming, which we had a kind of a hard time but managed to figure it out. Christopher’s role was to edit and do the tutorial on each level. qI did level 3&6 and James did 1&3 and Christopher did 2&5. We were proud of accomplishing is the live streaming. At first, our audio wasn’t working so I was afraid of not finishing the whole project, but we figured out the problem and finished it. That is also my challenge. The audio was not working because the input and output were not in the right place.

My feelings toward this process were pleasant because we managed to finish 3 minutes before it was over. However, one part that we could fix is to make James speak a little bit louder. It is also my fault because I didn’t make the DB higher. Which made it really hard to hear his voice. We should also prepare what we are going to say before recording. James didn’t know what to say.

The video is an evidence that we created so we could show the full video of our tutorial.





Hidden Angles within Shunyi

For 2018 One Day, I chose to pursue my passion for photography and participate in the project, Shunyi Photography. In this project, I was able to strengthen my photography skills and, in addition, my photo editing skills. Traveling to the village behind BSB and the Wen Yu River, I captured different photos using different functions and angles that are exhibited in the 8th-grade hallway. Photos were then post-edited when we came back to school. After hours of taking photos and tweaking the brightness and contrast, here are few of my favorites from the village and river:

The Nature Atmosphere By: Elizabeth Zhao

For OneDay, I chose to participate in the activity The Curious Garden. I chose to participate in this activity because I really like making things and both my mom and I love plants.

First, I researched about how to build a terrarium and what kinds of plants are good for terrariums. Then I sketched a diagram of the terrarium that I will make. Finally, the most exciting thing was to make the terrarium. (For detailed steps, view my ibook)

Through this activity, I learned a lot. Obviously, I learned about how to make a terrarium. I also learned about how to take care of terrariums. Which plants were good for terrariums and which are not. If I were to make a terrarium again, I would add a variety of plants in my terrarium, not just a few kinds.

This is the final product.

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