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Grace-Journal 2

Polymer Project Journal 2 Notes-2

Keep jumping!

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls shooting at him from the right side, while he tries to dodge as many as he can.  To do that he has to press “space” to jump on the keyboard when the balls shoot at him. After you survive for 12 seconds, you proved that you are worthy to play this game, so I prepared something for you when you get there >:). I worked in a team with Lang. With my partner, we chose this topic because this sort of game is easy to make, understand and to get addicted(a little), as the player could die very easily. Therefore they would want to play again and keep trying to reach a high score.

Turbulent Tutorial of Cat Mario

For 2018 ONEday, I chose to make both entertaining and concise tutorial of cat Mario. To make a tutorial, I collaboratively worked as a team and I practiced all levels of cat Mario before ONEday.  In the team, I contributed to film a video of how to play level 1 and 3 of cat Mario and I chose music for the tutorial, but later we decided not to put music in the actual video. Instead, we put BGMs into the tutorial.

I chose this project because cat Mario is one of the hardest game in the world and I wanted to challenge myself. In addition, I wanted to be collaborative in this project since I worked individually in previous ONEday.


  1. Practice all 6 levels of cat Mario
  2. Film all 6 levels of cat Mario using Youtube
  3. Export video from Youtube
  4. Edit video by adding subtitles as well as BGMs using iMovie
  5. Finalize tutorial video

Through this process, we also had lots of problems. During filming the tutorial video, we had a problem with the audio so we needed to redo some of the levels in cat Mario. Also, our video was too long while it was meant to be short so we deleted lots of unnecessary parts in our video.

Throughout this year ONEday project, I was very proud of myself the fact that I finished all levels of cat Mario and even created a perfect tutorial of it by working with a team; however, I was little bit disappointed that my music didn’t go to the final product and my portion of the video was longer than the other parts. Furthermore, l learned the most valuable lesson from ONEday project: Working collaboratively as a team is the life skill and making tutorial of the game is not as simple as what I have expected.


Cleared all levels of cat Mario

Watching and editing the tutorial video using iMovie


Link for the tutorial video:



I made three crochet square hot pads as the products of ONE DAY.

Through my decision making, I think it is the best choice ever!

Crochet is the way to knit I didn’t know before. So, it is really special to me.

The first time I have struggled because it was the first time making crochet square hot pad.

Even though there are some struggling times, I overcame through practice crochet.


Yarn, crochet hook, scissors, and needles are all materials you need for making square hot pad

This is the YouTube site that will help you to make square hot pads

These are the process below!


The reason to make square hot pads was that I believe the One Day was a great time to learn something new. At the result, I actually learned and experienced something new. Even though I struggled, I proud of my products!




Keep jumping

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls keep coming from left side. The topic of this project is about Naruto. When you lose it, you will see something really interesting. It’s a 2D

I have worked in a team, with my partner. The reason I chose to make this game it because I think this sort of games are easy to get addicted, you always want to keep trying, and it won’t really waste a lot of time.

It was bit tired, cause it’s really tough to sit on chair and staring the screen.

The proud moment was when the Naruto was able to jump, so that makes me feel we are on the right path.



Shutter Up

This one day I went out to two different locations to take pictures of different kinds of things like dogs, cones, walls, water, etc. the two different locations were the river and the village right behind BSB. We first went to the village and found out that there was a lot of things take a photo of, like bikes in a frozen river, wild dogs, and village life. I use my friends CANON D5 MARK IV and the pictures I took came out really cool. Another location is the River, the river is a great place for people to fish, even though it is filled with trash, but we saw at least 5 people fishing. here we took some scenery photos and came back to edit the photos. I choose two photos, one with two cones, one with dead corn crops. I had a great time with my friends taking photos around our school.

The Mega Cat Mario by Mega People

My project is a group project by Christopher and myself. We made a tutorial for one of hardest game in the world, Cat Mario. At first, we were live streaming and now we made a video, that is posted on youtube. The 3,4,5, and the 6th level was very hard and we took a lot of time, this made us a little disadvantage because we wanted to have a video with a lot of songs, but because we consumed too much time on those levels.

I chose to do a tutorial on Cat Mario because many people get really triggered at this game even though it’s only 6 levels and tends to not finish the game. As a team, we decided to divide and conquer, making the tutorial easier for others to follow and finish the whole game.

My role in the group was editing with Christopher. I also set up the live streaming, which we had a kind of a hard time but managed to figure it out. Christopher’s role was to edit and do the tutorial on each level. qI did level 3&6 and James did 1&3 and Christopher did 2&5. We were proud of accomplishing is the live streaming. At first, our audio wasn’t working so I was afraid of not finishing the whole project, but we figured out the problem and finished it. That is also my challenge. The audio was not working because the input and output were not in the right place.

My feelings toward this process were pleasant because we managed to finish 3 minutes before it was over. However, one part that we could fix is to make James speak a little bit louder. It is also my fault because I didn’t make the DB higher. Which made it really hard to hear his voice. We should also prepare what we are going to say before recording. James didn’t know what to say.

The video is an evidence that we created so we could show the full video of our tutorial.





Amy’s Red Thread

For One Day project, I decided to make a red scarf for my mom and dad. Since my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary was a week ago, I wanted to make a gift by myself. This One Day was perfect for me because I had a chance to make my parents’ gift. Even though I didn’t complete it yet, I will finish it during the Chinese New Year.

I was a beginner of knitting, so I practiced how to do a basic knit stitch first. Then I found the pattern on the Youtube, so I decided to make a scarf of that pattern. there were some difficulties during the process because sometimes the wool often got tangled. But I learn how to fix it from the teachers.

It was a nice chance to try a new thing during One Day and I think I learned a lot from this experience. I think I put my best effort into this project and I managed my time well. I was a little bit slow, however over time, I can knit faster than before.I think I enjoyed One Day a lot.


ShunYi photography (village, river, MS life)

For one day, I chose ShunYi photography. We went to two places to take photos, the village and the river. I took many good photos of village life, both of people and the houses. However, I only had one good photo of the river, since the river didn’t have many interesting spots. I also took a few photos of my friends taking pictures and printed one out for the MS life board. To me, this year’s one day was a success, since I learned new photography skills and developed a stronger liking for photography. I also learned how to edit photos and make them look better without making them look too edited.

One Day- Spirit of Sapphire Story Writing

The One Day project I chose was Story Writing. My friend Aiden and I felt like we should continue our story we started writing a few months ago in a collaborative document. Using the time we had during One Day planning, we planned to continue the plotline. As Aiden kept typing on in the document, I constantly look over his new work and edit. We do not have any pre-planning except a basic One Day schedule plan for the day, as we have already constructed a plan for the story when we decided to start writing. Our plan is to write three-thousand words. By the end of the day, we have written three-thousand one-hundred words. This pushes our page count to seventy-seven pages, a little more than half of our completion goal. Word Online isn’t a very good choice as the document started to have slight lags due to the massive page count.


This is a temporary book cover we have. This is going to change and we are going to draw a picture related to the story and make that the book cover.


I learned better ways to write and edit, and this story has pushed us to our limits of innovation and creativity.

The picture above is a part of the story.

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