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Keep jumping

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls keep coming from left side. The topic of this project is about Naruto. When you lose it, you will see something really interesting. It’s a 2D

I have worked in a team, with my partner. The reason I chose to make this game it because I think this sort of games are easy to get addicted, you always want to keep trying, and it won’t really waste a lot of time.

It was bit tired, cause it’s really tough to sit on chair and staring the screen.

The proud moment was when the Naruto was able to jump, so that makes me feel we are on the right path.



The Cool Mystery Island

Title: Mystery Island

For one day, we made a role-playing game. We worked on how to finalize our project. We also gain really much experiences. We chose to work on a role playing game because I thought they were fun Explain your Goal / Game for today!-

Explain your role/s in the creation of the game (image of plan)

I did all of the combat data for the group (evidence?)

-I found picture for the monster character (evidence?)

-I give suggestions to help improve the character (old man, changing character so not as strong – be more specific Francis)

I will help to Finnish up the game (by doing what….?)


DIY Products

I learned many different ways of making your own products in the process of completing the one day project. For example I figured out that it is actually easy to make your own items/products when you have the right materials and the right amount of time. During this process I faced a few challenges, one of the challenges I faced was the quantity of the products we made, because of this we had to make more and that effected the amount of ingredients we used. If I did this project again, I would change the moisturizing soap because we added a lot of oil to the soap, which caused my hands to become very greasy.


  This is the lip balm This is the face scrub These are the soap/moisturising bars 

One Day Magic Video (Ethan & Shawn)

For one day our project was to film, edit and produce a video demonstrating the art of magic. We learned that filming magic takes while, like a long while. We had many times where we had to re-film because something didn’t work. If we were to do this again we would probably plan ahead of time more than we did. 😅Shawn Cardistry



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