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The Math Test that You Just Can’t Pass

We know that quite a couple of us like math, we like to compete in math, and we always do math tests that we complete in the end.
Can’t there be a math test that you just can’t pass? Where you only get further but it gets too hard and you eventually lose?
That’s what inspired me to make the “Impossible Math Challenge”

I decided to start programming it with a programming language called PYTHON, it is widely used to create games, and it is pretty straightforward.

However, I was overly ambitious about python, the bundle that I was using (Pygame 1.5) had an error on Mac that causes the new “blitted” image to crash. I had 600 lines written already, but I couldn’t manage to debug it.

Error: The error is due to the function called in lines 60-67, because it is not able to execute functions stored within functions or Game loops, in this case, the Main Loop. However I couldn’t find a way across because when I put the function outside of the game loop it is not able to execute within when it has to decide where my mouse clicked by importing the values (mousex, mousey) and since those values aren’t called with Global, Therefore (to me) I didn’t find a way to debug this, well at least for the duration of the day.

Before I gave up, Ms. Mai came and recommended me to do the

So I got started, collected some Kahoot Quiz Music, and started programming.

I made a simple Starting Prompt Module, with a fixed delay between the words (Left)

The Stage was attached to the main workflow by Functions, thus keeping the program non-reliant on the start button

The next problem I met was the fact that you can’t shut off a command that is running, unless you shut off the whole sprite’s current loops or functions. This issue caused me to not be able to shut off the player answering the question when the timer is out. Thus I created a double lock system (Right) and concepts are, if the time is up before the question loads, the question stops, if the player did not finish the question when the time stopped, the player’s answer would not count. An example of the system in use (Middle):

That’s Basically all of my program, It is not fully complete at this point as the questions are not fully added.

There is a chance of Extending this project and completing it in the future

Keep jumping

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls keep coming from left side. The topic of this project is about Naruto. When you lose it, you will see something really interesting. It’s a 2D

I have worked in a team, with my partner. The reason I chose to make this game it because I think this sort of games are easy to get addicted, you always want to keep trying, and it won’t really waste a lot of time.

It was bit tired, cause it’s really tough to sit on chair and staring the screen.

The proud moment was when the Naruto was able to jump, so that makes me feel we are on the right path.



How Herer Beat Fran P

Found a map

We f

inished based storyline/plot

Designed monsters at different places


Talented characters are made

The interview of certain buildings were finished

We have been successful throughout the game making progress. The game is about five people trying to survive at an island with magic story and monsters. Multiple choices are given to the players that determine the ending of the story. This project will benefit me with lots of group work, will also involve luck in combat


The Title: Evolution

For OneDay, I chose the game group because there were no other good options (except for create comics).

In my project, I made a board game that “requires” good math skills. It is a role-playing simulation game, with an interchangeable game board. This game is basically like the game Dungeons and Dragons mixed with Civilization V mixed with Dice Rolling mixed with chance mixed with Settlers in Catan mixed with Death mixed with role-playing. For further information on how to play the game, please read my 30-page instruction book in this link. (Click on the t)

My biggest challenge was the instruction book, because this is a very complicated game, and it is about 10-20 pages long. I apologize that I did not finish it.

During OneDay, I started by going on tinkecad and designing my game pieces. This was fairly easy because the designs were not complicated. Then, I started to cut the game board, which took very long because there were many pieces and they required to be colored.

Overall, my day was good, but lacking levity. I felt generally Okay, but was a little bored at some points in the day. My thinking played out great.

I learned that creating a proper, original, functional game is difficult, and is not possible to complete in one day. (Get it? One day – OneDay?)


The Cool Mystery Island

Title: Mystery Island

For one day, we made a role-playing game. We worked on how to finalize our project. We also gain really much experiences. We chose to work on a role playing game because I thought they were fun Explain your Goal / Game for today!-

Explain your role/s in the creation of the game (image of plan)

I did all of the combat data for the group (evidence?)

-I found picture for the monster character (evidence?)

-I give suggestions to help improve the character (old man, changing character so not as strong – be more specific Francis)

I will help to Finnish up the game (by doing what….?)


2018: OneDay Project – Cat Mario Tutorial


I finished our project together with Justin Jeon and James Park. Throughout the day, we had created a tutorial for the game Cat Mario. We recorded all six levels while explaining every detail in the game. Then putting all six parts into one video adding subtitles and soundtracks in order to make our video interesting and attractive. I chose the topic of making a game, more specifically Cat Mario because of many reasons. Personally, I think gaming is fun, but creating a game seems more interesting to me. Even though I did not necessarily create a game, but we created a game tutorial for the game – Cat Mario. Additionally, the game Cat Mario has a lot of traps, many people may need support in order to go through all levels.



Therefore, we created a tutorial of the game Cat Mario. I did two levels out of the six levels (level 2 & 5) and helped edit details in the video. The most important part of the day to me is the stage of recording. Because it is challenging to explain the same time while trying not to fail. Alternatively, if you don’t “die”, you can’t really explain clearly of where the traps are. The day was good for me. Because the time was just enough to finish recordings of all levels and edit it into a video. Also, I enjoyed the process throughout the day. I was really proud the time when we finished our video. Because it felt really good to watch all the work we did throughout the day. Most importantly, throughout the day, I learned how to collaborate more efficiently and to do more work while collaborating together. Overall, the day was really pleasant and I really enjoyed it.



“The Eagles” (Harry’s Racing Car)

Goal: My goal was to make the fastest car with only 7-8 materials.

Challenges & Solution: First I tried to make a triangular car with coke foam board, but the wheels kept on falling because I didn’t really stick it properly so I tried to make another prototype which is called “The Eagles” and it broke too because it was too big and messy. It kept on falling off the rollercoaster track so it was pretty annoying. So I tried to add wings to possibly “fly” but it didn’t work out. So I tried to make another prototype that was much lighter and smaller so I could get a faster acceleration. It was fast at first but it fell off the roller coaster track and it crashed. So for next time, I can make the car a little bigger and add more mass which will help me get more speed

1st Prototype “The Bermu-Coke Triangle”


2nd Prototype “The Eagle”


Harry Racing Car Video


DIY Products

I learned many different ways of making your own products in the process of completing the one day project. For example I figured out that it is actually easy to make your own items/products when you have the right materials and the right amount of time. During this process I faced a few challenges, one of the challenges I faced was the quantity of the products we made, because of this we had to make more and that effected the amount of ingredients we used. If I did this project again, I would change the moisturizing soap because we added a lot of oil to the soap, which caused my hands to become very greasy.


  This is the lip balm This is the face scrub These are the soap/moisturising bars 

Add something green to your surroundings: ONE DAY DIY terrarium

by: Jackie Yuan 8-1

For one day, I chose to work in the building a terrarium group. To be honest, it was my 3rd choice and I never expected I was actually going to be put into my third choice. I wasn’t really excited, however, when I actually did it, I loved it.

Below is a digital book I created. It’s basically a  tutorial on to how to build a terraium. The process, materials list, steps and sketches are all attaached in the book. Click on the picture/link below to read.


I learned a lot today. I’ve never built a terrarium before and today I built two. I learned how to take plants apart gently and not kill it, how to design a terrarium and make it look good. I also learned how to take care of a terrarium. I was once worried because I’m a clumsy person and I was scared to break and kill the plants, however today I didn’t.  It is a precious experience that I sure will cherish.

OneDay 2017/18: The Art of Photography

For OneDay this year, I selected Shunyi Photography not only to enhance my photographical skills, but also to really test the boundaries of my creativity. The learning experience in all was extremely beneficial, and I believe can be of great value to me in future years. In this project, I really learned different strategies that can be utilized in photography, such as the 3 part strategy, the lighting technique/angle etc. By understanding these fundamental concepts, I could then test out how I could use them to really bring out my creative streak and express opinions and ideas within me through unique styles of media. Overall, I felt today was an extremely useful and enjoyable day, and will definitely choose this topic next year if I have the opportunity to do so.


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