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One Day Paper Quilling

For my one day project me and Audrey make a paper quilled peacock. We had a problem with the peacock not sticking to the paper so we decided to add more glue to the paper so it can stick better.

Keep jumping!

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls shooting at him from the right side, while he tries to dodge as many as he can.  To do that he has to press “space” to jump on the keyboard when the balls shoot at him. After you survive for 12 seconds, you proved that you are worthy to play this game, so I prepared something for you when you get there >:). I worked in a team with Lang. With my partner, we chose this topic because this sort of game is easy to make, understand and to get addicted(a little), as the player could die very easily. Therefore they would want to play again and keep trying to reach a high score.

How Herer Beat Fran P

Found a map

We f

inished based storyline/plot

Designed monsters at different places


Talented characters are made

The interview of certain buildings were finished

We have been successful throughout the game making progress. The game is about five people trying to survive at an island with magic story and monsters. Multiple choices are given to the players that determine the ending of the story. This project will benefit me with lots of group work, will also involve luck in combat


The Title: Evolution

For OneDay, I chose the game group because there were no other good options (except for create comics).

In my project, I made a board game that “requires” good math skills. It is a role-playing simulation game, with an interchangeable game board. This game is basically like the game Dungeons and Dragons mixed with Civilization V mixed with Dice Rolling mixed with chance mixed with Settlers in Catan mixed with Death mixed with role-playing. For further information on how to play the game, please read my 30-page instruction book in this link. (Click on the t)

My biggest challenge was the instruction book, because this is a very complicated game, and it is about 10-20 pages long. I apologize that I did not finish it.

During OneDay, I started by going on tinkecad and designing my game pieces. This was fairly easy because the designs were not complicated. Then, I started to cut the game board, which took very long because there were many pieces and they required to be colored.

Overall, my day was good, but lacking levity. I felt generally Okay, but was a little bored at some points in the day. My thinking played out great.

I learned that creating a proper, original, functional game is difficult, and is not possible to complete in one day. (Get it? One day – OneDay?)


The Mega Cat Mario by Mega People

My project is a group project by Christopher and myself. We made a tutorial for one of hardest game in the world, Cat Mario. At first, we were live streaming and now we made a video, that is posted on youtube. The 3,4,5, and the 6th level was very hard and we took a lot of time, this made us a little disadvantage because we wanted to have a video with a lot of songs, but because we consumed too much time on those levels.

I chose to do a tutorial on Cat Mario because many people get really triggered at this game even though it’s only 6 levels and tends to not finish the game. As a team, we decided to divide and conquer, making the tutorial easier for others to follow and finish the whole game.

My role in the group was editing with Christopher. I also set up the live streaming, which we had a kind of a hard time but managed to figure it out. Christopher’s role was to edit and do the tutorial on each level. qI did level 3&6 and James did 1&3 and Christopher did 2&5. We were proud of accomplishing is the live streaming. At first, our audio wasn’t working so I was afraid of not finishing the whole project, but we figured out the problem and finished it. That is also my challenge. The audio was not working because the input and output were not in the right place.

My feelings toward this process were pleasant because we managed to finish 3 minutes before it was over. However, one part that we could fix is to make James speak a little bit louder. It is also my fault because I didn’t make the DB higher. Which made it really hard to hear his voice. We should also prepare what we are going to say before recording. James didn’t know what to say.

The video is an evidence that we created so we could show the full video of our tutorial.





2018: OneDay Project – Cat Mario Tutorial


I finished our project together with Justin Jeon and James Park. Throughout the day, we had created a tutorial for the game Cat Mario. We recorded all six levels while explaining every detail in the game. Then putting all six parts into one video adding subtitles and soundtracks in order to make our video interesting and attractive. I chose the topic of making a game, more specifically Cat Mario because of many reasons. Personally, I think gaming is fun, but creating a game seems more interesting to me. Even though I did not necessarily create a game, but we created a game tutorial for the game – Cat Mario. Additionally, the game Cat Mario has a lot of traps, many people may need support in order to go through all levels.



Therefore, we created a tutorial of the game Cat Mario. I did two levels out of the six levels (level 2 & 5) and helped edit details in the video. The most important part of the day to me is the stage of recording. Because it is challenging to explain the same time while trying not to fail. Alternatively, if you don’t “die”, you can’t really explain clearly of where the traps are. The day was good for me. Because the time was just enough to finish recordings of all levels and edit it into a video. Also, I enjoyed the process throughout the day. I was really proud the time when we finished our video. Because it felt really good to watch all the work we did throughout the day. Most importantly, throughout the day, I learned how to collaborate more efficiently and to do more work while collaborating together. Overall, the day was really pleasant and I really enjoyed it.



Bill’s Frantistic ONE DAY PROJECT


Today is one day.My project of one day is create game. We are working in a team. We decide to create a role-play game call mystery island.  We made a map, designed characters, monsters and some basic detail that the game need . The game have 6 part and you need to escape the island with your teammates.I am excited to play this game.

I chose this project because the other two project were rejected me. Also, I am passion for create a game and I can improve my imagination.


We chose to create a role-play game because we are interested about this type of the game. We made a plan. Everyone had their own job. My job is design the monster, map and internal buildings and made a plot.

We searched the map on the website and put some worlds. The game was really fun.

un when we test it.



ShunYi photography (village, river, MS life)

For one day, I chose ShunYi photography. We went to two places to take photos, the village and the river. I took many good photos of village life, both of people and the houses. However, I only had one good photo of the river, since the river didn’t have many interesting spots. I also took a few photos of my friends taking pictures and printed one out for the MS life board. To me, this year’s one day was a success, since I learned new photography skills and developed a stronger liking for photography. I also learned how to edit photos and make them look better without making them look too edited.

One Day 2018 Movie Making-Horror

Kelly, Eric, Erick, and I started with the idea to make a movie, a thing we are truly passionate about. We found out shortly after that, two days before one day, that you cannot have more than 2 people in a group. This is a huge problem as the movie we planned needed at least 6 or more.

By this time, it was kind of too late to change our idea completely, and since our script was half-done at this point, we just wanted to get it finished. Unexpectedly, the day before One Day, the teacher accepted our group task and we are back on track. I did half the script, Eric and Kelly did the other half, I prepared the props and the camera equipment, and the day came.

Unfortunately, our original plan didn’t include the independent variables. Our camera battery was not charged, so we had to seise our project for half an hour, our tripod broke, so the video quality dropped by a ton, our interest went low after records. By this point, we encountered many problems, all we can do without. But, the most vital and crucial problem is that Daniel quit our group, along with David.

This is the most crucial error in our plan. We cannot change the script anymore, and this sudden-quit set our whole project off target. We needed them for their roles, and there is no way now to find a replacement. We need to find something fast, and that’s what we did. We ended up borrowing them for an hour, squeezing all the scenes with them in a short period of time. This made the video quality a lot worse, and some scenes needed to be cut so the story might not have a logical formation anymore.



This is the period of time where everything was okay. We filmed our scenes with the borrowed Daniel, and Elgin, and did ACT 1 – ACT 3. It wasn’t as smooth as we thought, but it was okay compared to what happened afterward. We weren’t lazy and at the start of the day, everyone was energetic.


The acts are a lot shorter to film with only for people, but we persevered and made some improvisations. Improvisations include: Shortening clips and scenes, wearing masks to make stunt-doubles, and using the camera to not show mistakes. The crew is starting to go a little bit agitated, but all-in-all, and okay period, and we only did one act. We are hoping to speed up our process along the day.



We didn’t even finish one act. We used fake blood to do the injuries, but it caused a lot of problems. We needed to clean up after ourselves, and it was a hard task. A group member wants to go upstairs and take it easy, but we convinced him to stay. We are very agitated but continued to film nevertheless. (Started ACT 4)



We ended up cutting a lot of scenes, but at least the filming got done on time. We ended up cutting all the flashbacks, theories, and all the unnecessary bits. We head upstairs, a little tired of one another. (Finished ACT 4 and ACT 5



We started editing but soon found out we couldn’t finish on time. So we went 180 degrees and edited the bloopers instead.



We edited the video, but couldn’t get it out by the next day because it was too much to render and our computers often would crash because the video quality was too good for our computers. To give you an idea, a video is about a gigabyte.


But at the end of the day, we truly learned how hard it is to make a good movie, along with how to film, make a script, edit and export. Over all, I would rate it a good learning experience.



Eric Ho 2018 Rollercoaster Project: Reven


Goal: To make a elegant but fast design for a automobile that is easy to build and being able to build it with the materials provided for me.


Paragraph 1: I knew what I wanted my car to look like in the beginning my car had to side panels and a bottom panel and it had a small spoiler too. My prototype 2 had the most simple design I made it had a bottom panel made of a special plastic material and I had 2 side panels and I had a top panel and a water bottle at the back that I later added.

Paragraph 2: I faced I ton of problems In my building process some are that the wheels kept falling of and they would not go very far so I added lots of weight for my first design I had stones inside and outside and underneath the car. For my second design I had 4 heavy tape measurers in the middle of the car and when I tested it, it still didn’t go very far. So I improved my design by adding a water bottle at the back of the car and that made the car very heavy and that was a good thing because that could make my car have a lot more potential energy with also makes it have more kinetic energy when it is moving, YEAH SCIENCE!

Paragraph 3: I can improve my design by making the car a lot more smooth and making more aerodynamic and making it heavier at the same time and making more balanced. My last car was not very balanced so it was very easy to crash.




Prototype 1






Prototype 2

Prototype 3

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