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when i was in first grade, i was bored at home. i would stare at my Lego sets, too bored to actually play with them.  but one day, we went to japan. there, we visited the Tokyo sky tree. there was an aquarium, so we went in, the aquarium itself was blurry when i think about it. but then at the gift shop, at aisle 4, row 6 from the bottom, was this little penguin, staring at me. those eyes, like two diamonds embedded into the penguin, was pointed at me like it did it itself, and so i took it home. but when i looked at my home again, it was… different. i could see things that weren’t there before, and so i wanted to tell them to someone, those wonderful things. so then came the era of pencil and paper.

later, i would learn that thing was an imagination, and i would write  them down in drawings, and thus i became addicted to comic books. telling stories with pictures, even that idea pulled me in. i read all the classics, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, big Nate, all of the ones i loved were newspaper strips. when this day came, i obviously chose create comics, and i wanted to do a comic like a newspaper strip. but about what? but then there he was, at my house, on the table i was sitting at, was that penguin. with those ruby-like eyes, staring at me. suddenly, memories came back. i could see the good times that we had, and those were the only things i loved that i didn’t draw. so i decided to change that.

that penguin’s name? why, it was clumsy.

first page- 2451_001

second page- 2452_001

third page- 2453_001

fourth page- 2454_001

fifth page- 2455_001

Comics: A Collection of Stick Figures

I created comics about a stick figure for OneDay. I decided on stick figures because to say my art skills were bad is an understatement. I maintained a consistent art style throughout the entire comic, which is nice, but I could have finished everything in pen rather than outline the characters with a sharpie.
comic 1
comic 2

The Harry Series 2018 (comics) – 1 and 2

Hello everybody!

This is my post about my comic – <HARRY’S BROTHER AND HIS FISH>. This is the second comic in “The Harry Series (comic)”. The first one is <HARRY AND HIS FISH> which is the one that I created with my friend Victoria.

We chose to make funny comics, because we wanted people to be happy.

I want to add more details and make the comics more beautiful and clean.


Chelsey’s Unfinished Animation of “She” by Dodie Clark

Soooo… My OneDay was a bit of a mess, really. It started out just fine, and it seemed like we were going to finish on time. But if you’ve seen my animation, then you’d know that that is not the case. Things went swimmingly up until when Jacey went to the nurse to get a few lozenges. Then the nurse took her temperature and confirmed that she had a fever. Jacey went home after that, and I continued to work on creating our initial plan.  However, as realized at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be able to finish anything without Jacey’s app, MOHO. Yes, how stupid of me to only realize this after six hours. Essentially, I had nothing done by the time school finished.

The Harry Series 2018 (comics) – 1 and 3

Hi everyone!

This is my post about my journey to make this comic with my friend Annie Wang for One Day. We choose to do something funny so our comic became a funny series. We have 3 comics, 1, 2, and 3. Remember to check out my comic at the bottom of this blog!  ⬇︎

  • What went well?

Well, we collaborated and we drew out our comic on an A2 paper. It took a long time but when we finished it and with all the tiny changes and details made, it felt we accomplished something big. We were proud…

  • What would you do differently next time?

Differently? We would actually make a lot of comics on our computer, print it out and color in and write out all the details.


Comic 3 ⬆︎


Comic 1⬆︎

Creating Comics With Jon

Forehead man


This is a comic that I made with Jon. Our funny idea came in when we were starting the comic and we wanted to write about something that looked peculiar, Jon grabbed my pencil and drew a dude with a big forehead, and I came up with the story,/. he drew most of the stuff, and I colored stuff. Our comic is about people with foreheads, and their king is a short and stubby dude that wants his forehead to be bigger… Hope you enjoy our little comic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Terraforming Mars Part 1-Creating Comics

Truthfully, I was didn’t really have a reason to why I chose to draw what I drew. I was fretting about what to draw one night, and I just got this sudden inspiration to make a comic on terraforming mars. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to finish. I went off my plan, and kind of made up the story as I went along. As for the drawings themselves, I thought they came out okay. I had to change my stickmen spacesuits because they were taking too long to draw, but the rest weren’t too hard to draw. I learned that making comics takes up surprisingly large amounts of time, much longer than I had originally thought. In the 6 hour time period we had yesterday, I only managed to draw 3 pages of comics, 1 of which barely counted for it was just a picture. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with my comic, even if I only made 3 pages and didn’t finish the whole comic.  Comic Page 1 

Comic Page 2

Comic Page 3

The Derp Wizards: Ethan

Derp derp derpity derp de derp derp derp de derp .

So anyway,  Alex Ng and I, worked on a very interesting (only for naïve little boys though) comic and animation, where Alex worked on the animation, which was a sequel my graphic booklet.  So here’s what it looks like:

Click on the link to see the comic:


Everything went well, except for the part where we only drew four pages.

The thing I would do next time, is that change the genre from fantasy to the awesome and page-turning sci-fi.

I learned that drawing is hard.                             🙂

Grief–As a Pet?

For One Day, I made the introduction to a short story about experiencing grief in the form of a comic. I only made the introduction, because, well, I only had one day!

I feel like I did a good job managing my time well, as I managed completed the page a couple minutes before the end of class.

Next time, I’d like to work harder on the story itself instead of the art, I should’ve simplified the art and then completed the whole story.

I hope that I’ll continue working on this story over the break, however, I might not ever end up finishing it.

Extra Process Photos:


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