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Terrarium Building

I chose terrarium building because I am really interested in plant.  Before we started making our terrarium we made a sketch.

Then we made our terrariums.   After that we made a iBook which is down bellow.  The iBook shows you how to make your own terrariums.

On one day I learned how to make my own terrarium and how to take care of it.  If I was to so this again I would take the labels off the jars.

The Curious Garden by Annarosa Lam

The Curious Garden

I choose Terrarium for One day because it sounded fun, and I’ve never built a terrarium before. I also wanted a screen free day, and I did achieve it. (Besides the blog and iBook. Everyone was so busy making terrariums we basically forgot to take videos.

I have a full outline of the steps I followed to make a terrarium – to view it, click on the iBook (Check it out)

Short steps in making a terrarium:

Step 1. Get a glass container (with or without lids)

Step 2. Add in Large rocks

Step.3 Put in Gravel

Step. 4 Add Soil

Step. 5 Put in the plants


My sketch:

I learned a lot about plants today, how they work and what part they play in the terrarium.

I had a lovely time making terrariums, and a fun with friends and classmates. If I could again, next year I would do this again (If I can)

My final product:

You should try one on your own!


Terrarium Making

I picked terrariums for my one day project because I’ve seen a lot of terrariums in flower shop, but I can’t buy them. so I want to try to make some terrariums myself so that i can take them home.

What I’ve learned: I learned how to build/ create a terrarium and how to take care of them.

If I was given this opportunity again: I would bring more jars and  make more terrariums

A outline for them steps on how to make a terrarium, please check out the online book below.

The Garden of Curiosity


In this year’s one day I chose terrariums because a. it was my 3rd choice and b. ISB chose our projects themselves and this sounded better than it is. now design-wise I wanted to create what is shown above. however I needed to drill a hole but to my unsuccessful luck it turns out glass. either way I created an automatic water dripper by poking a hole into a rubber finger from a glove.

I first had to design, then I had to follow my steps and finally I had to finish my book. I think the challenge of my design not able to meet expectations was a big bump. So I learned that I dont like terrariums that much, and that teachers wont let you make a hole by using a soldering iron.

Add something green to your surroundings: ONE DAY DIY terrarium

by: Jackie Yuan 8-1

For one day, I chose to work in the building a terrarium group. To be honest, it was my 3rd choice and I never expected I was actually going to be put into my third choice. I wasn’t really excited, however, when I actually did it, I loved it.

Below is a digital book I created. It’s basically a  tutorial on to how to build a terraium. The process, materials list, steps and sketches are all attaached in the book. Click on the picture/link below to read.


I learned a lot today. I’ve never built a terrarium before and today I built two. I learned how to take plants apart gently and not kill it, how to design a terrarium and make it look good. I also learned how to take care of a terrarium. I was once worried because I’m a clumsy person and I was scared to break and kill the plants, however today I didn’t.  It is a precious experience that I sure will cherish.

Curious Garden by Alex Lee

For One Day 2018, I was in the Curious Garden – Make Your Own Terrarium group. I selected this option as I had heard of terrariums before, but never made one myself. It was not my first choice, but I knew it was fun making one.

Here is the plan for the terrarium:

I learned that terrariums are very beautiful even though they may take a long time to make if it is your first time. They are very hard to not do well, as long as you try to make them look a little nice. I also learned that they are very resilient ecosystems that don’t need a lot of sunlight and only need water every week. They are healthy for the environment, as the plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis. Around the world, pollution levels are increasing and more plants to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide is very useful. These terrariums look nice, do not need a lot of care, and help the environment. They are amazing pieces of art.

Bill and I made an iBook talking about making terrariums and how to care for them:

These are the two terrariums that I created:

The Nature Atmosphere By: Elizabeth Zhao

For OneDay, I chose to participate in the activity The Curious Garden. I chose to participate in this activity because I really like making things and both my mom and I love plants.

First, I researched about how to build a terrarium and what kinds of plants are good for terrariums. Then I sketched a diagram of the terrarium that I will make. Finally, the most exciting thing was to make the terrarium. (For detailed steps, view my ibook)

Through this activity, I learned a lot. Obviously, I learned about how to make a terrarium. I also learned about how to take care of terrariums. Which plants were good for terrariums and which are not. If I were to make a terrarium again, I would add a variety of plants in my terrarium, not just a few kinds.

This is the final product.

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