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My Last One Day in Middle School

I chose this project because my group members and I was interested in the choreography and the group of the song that we chose. My team members were Christina, Zoe, and Sarah.

During the mentoring times that we were given, we learned our choreography and practiced multiple times. For one day, we practiced our dance and made sure we knew what we were doing. After clarifying our dance number, we practiced many times until we memorized the dance very well.


Since our project was to learn the choreography and perform it, we made many changes the the dance as well since there was a move that we couldn’t do. In the choreography, the three of us had to hold one of our member up after she jumping up to us. We tried many times but it was still very hard since we couldn’t carry the weight of her jumping up. After that we tried to carry her up from the floor. We were able to do so but it was only successful some of the times. The music timing was also not enough for us to carry her up and even though we tried many times meeting up ourselves, we still weren’t able to use the move. Therefore, we changed the move into the member leaning back and free falling then us three would push and bounce her back up.



[Future – OneDay 2018] BTS DNA Dance Cover

The reason why I chose dancing for my One Day Project is because I want to practice and receive feedback to improve my dancing. I also wanted to express my interests. Choosing dance as my One Day project also allows me to practice in front of an an audience, which we’re rarely able to do. We chose a dance, in which already knew the cheorography well. This saved us time from making or learning a new dance. Our group had to redo the formations of the dance, as we did not have enough people in our team. The process had some ups and downs, but it all came together in the end.

We didn’t exactly follow the storyboard that we created. However, the video turned out nicely. Near the end, we decided to perform live, because of other teachers and student’s opinions. One Day seemed so short, and we had to rush the editing process because we did not record enough scenes for the video at different locations.

I’m proud off how much we’ve accomplished today. I achieved my original goal of improving my dance skills, and I’m sure that my two other group members also achieved this goal. One thing we should do differently next time is to record all the scenes before One Day. I thought the day would give us more than enough time to edit the video, so we could also record the scenes that we were missing. However, I overestimated the amount of time we had, therefore putting all of us into a rush to complete the video. Right after our rehearsal/practice for our dance, we were told by others that we should perform live instead of presenting the video. We kept everything last-minute and next time I wish to not procrastinate too much. The last day was very stress-worthy, as Ada called in last-minute and told us that she was sick and could not attend to the performance.



ONE-DNAy by Future (DNA of BTS)

  1. I chose dancing and dance DNA of BTS because first of all, I’m an ARMY (FAN OF BTS) second, I love K-Pop and sort of love dancing.
  2. My group and I sort of just figured out a plan, which was sort of like a checklist, so we didn’t really plan out when we do what, just what we felt like at the moment, and the scenes that are appropriate at the time.
  3. First, we each learned the dance, which was during October 2017 because we originally planned to perform at the Spring Day and so we practiced. We each chose a member of BTS, I chose Jungkook, Jowen chose Jimin, and Jade chose J-Hope.  And when we knew that only us three got into Dance for One-day, we knew that we had to re-do the formation to fit 3 people because BTS originally has 7 members. Then we filmed in 6 different places.
  4. I learned that you need to have energy in your dance because when you do boy group dances, it looks really weird if you’re very sloppy and goofy.
  5. The product:


password: 9vj8

Wanna Girls R U CRAZY dance

I chose Just Dance as my One Day Project because I enjoy dancing, and I believe it’s the best way to express myself.

I worked with Hannah, Amily, and Britney to make a dance choreography with the pop song “R U Crazy”. We decided to a Live performance, with clothing of Blue/ Black legging and short black shirt (t-shirt) & Makeup. (as shown on the index card above)

As you can see in this picture, first, we learned the dance moves by watching a youtube video. We then repeated few parts at a time, making sure that everyone is comfortable moving onto the next step, which was to play the music while dancing. Since most of us just started to learn how to dance, some challenges were faced during the rehearsal such as making up moves for slow beats. Eventually, our group (WANNA GIRLS) somehow managed to get through the whole piece efficiently(1 minutes 30 seconds).

Our final dance was shown during the exhibition the next day.


This is a short video of how our dance looked like…


Overall, I learned a lot during OneDay. I learned some dance techniques as well as teamwork and collaboration. I enjoyed dancing during this OneDay project and I am really looking forward to another one next year.

WannaGirls-R U Crazy ( group dance)

In Just Dance, I performed a song called ‘R U Crazy’ with Hannah, Britney, and Linie. We chose Just Dance because we wanted to show our passion and the theme that the song included by dancing through a song that we can enjoy and the audiences can enjoy.

This is the index card we used to write out our plans for dancing and clothing at the same time. We planned out our group name, our group members, the song that we are going to dance to, the genre of the song, costume ideas, etc. This plan kept us on the right track because it was easier to know things when you plan out what you are supposed to be doing.

These are the photos of us practicing for the performance. We learned the moves step by step and we played the song from the very beginning so we all know what moves we have to do. After doing that, We focused on the part where we made the most common mistakes. With all these steps included, we were able to finish the dance by the exhibition.



This was the dance rehearsal. Even though this video was not successful, in the exhibition, we were close to perfection because we practiced a lot in terms of fixing mistakes and editing our moves at the same time. I think we were able to finish the exhibition without a mistake because we really put a lot of effort into this dance moves and emotions.


The exhibition was successful, but if we can go back, we would have done better because we didn’t really feel the song and we didn’t really get the moves done very smoothly. For group dancing, teamwork is really important because we have to move in the same direction and actually form a piece of art by collaborating with each other, but I think we weren’t collaborating as much as I knew. Therefore, if we can go back and start again, I want to make sure that we are on track and we have to make sure that nobody makes a single mistake since if one person ruins the show, then the other people will also ruin the show.

The Life of Dance

I choose Just Dance as my OneDay Project because I like music and dancing.I want to use art of dancing to show to the people in the school.

I plan to use Bruno Mars “24K Magic” as my hip hop piece music as my song for dancing and practice because I sometimes like Bruno Mars’ songs. The process of my dancing was great, and I save the photo so you can see my process

The product of my dancing is to dance wonderfully to the audience, sometimes pride is a thing to ignore for ages to me. I always feel like I forget the pain I’ve been kept since the day of born

Amazing Dance!

My team.

We are choreographing a dance to the song ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. The members in our group are Elizebeth Wise, Josie Neel, and Sherry Chen.

The hardest part of dancing to the music is dancing exactly to the beat because sometimes we dance too slow and sometimes we danced too fast.

From 8:45-10:00 my team started planning the dance moves and started dancing to the music.

From 10:00-11:40 my team started attempting to film

From 12:40-3:00 my team started to finish our blogs and started to finish recording.

My team.

Overall, I think one day was a great experience because I got to dance a dance that my group choreographed. One day was also very exciting because we got to have the whole entire day to learn/try something new. During my group’s process of making a dance and successfully performing the dance, we faced a lot of challenges. When we started recording, we keep on messing up. This was a really hard challenge for us because once we started recording, if we have to stop and redo the filming, then we would have to stop the recording and stop the music and restart everything. When we first planned out the dance, it did not work so well for us because some moves didn’t exactly match up with the beat. Also in my group, we had problems cooperating with each other because we sometimes split up to do different things because we can’t agree to what we want to do for One Day. During the mentoring sessions, my group got nothing done because either we were picking out songs or we were arguing with each other for what we should do in One Day. I really liked One Day.

This is our One Day group dance. I hope you enjoy it!






One Day Modern Dance: Poppy and Anna

We chose dance as our one day project because Anna and I really enjoy this form of expressing our feelings. We love dancing because its a really great way to exercise our bodies.

We chose modern as our genre because we could incorporate Acro, Ballet, and jazz all in one piece.

During our mentoring sessions, we were able to create a dance from scratch.

We learned how to choreographed our own dance and it turned out pretty good. A thing we could do better next time is to not run into the curtain.  Next time, we would like to add more  acro tricks to the dance.

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