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Soccer Shooting Tutorial and Tips

Nick and I are doing soccer tutorials. We are doing tutorials for shooting and dribbling. We are doing tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Right now we are planning what we are going to do and when we are going to do it.

In the past hour we have been doing beginner and intermediate shots, and now I am going to start editing the three videos that we have taken. Nicolas is going to continue working on the beginner shots while I am editing the videos. We are on track because we planned to be where we are at about this time.

In the past hour and a half Nick and I took two new videos because the old ones weren’t clear enough, and now we have started editing.



Nick and I have finished all of the filming and are almost done with the editing. We need to add about two more sections to our iMovie and then render it and then we’ll be done





I thought that doing everything on time was a bit difficult because coming into the day we didn’t know how long everything would take. Our original plan was to do both basketball and soccer shots and only have one hour to edit, but we soon realized that that was unrealistic.


I liked that we got freedom to choose what we wanted to do. I also liked the process of it.


I’m hoping that people that have just started playing soccer can use this. I think that they could use it when they are training by themselves.


Let’s play badminton!

Today’s one day project is badminton. Badminton has lots of different skills. Like foot steps, some rules or how to score. Today we will teach you how to play Badminton!

I took a video

Badminton skill guide


We decided to play badminton and teach people how to do Badminton. Sangyoon was going edit and film, Nicky and Siwoo will be the athletes and I will be the narrator. We are going to film ,Singles Rule,Doubles Rule,BackhandFootwork,ForehandFootwork,andDrive,and finally helping.


We practiced and warmed up with she told us the foot work and smash. I am going to tell the rules as the narrator ,Nicky and Siwoo is practicing and Backhand,forehand. To play in the videos like they did the 6 points in the court and how to hit it.


We practiced with on Drive,Backhand,and serve.  She also told me how to smash at the back as well.I did theVoice over on the double and single rules and how to serve and what they do after they get the points.


It was hard when we want every thing together and make the into a video.we finshed every thing but it was too short so we had to do every thing we could do to make it more longer. We also had hard time doing the voice over because it took a lot of time to write it down. Also it was hard for the camera to be in place because we went to get the tripods but they won’t let us use it. The things that went well was that the six points and the voice over was done very well.but still it was really hard to put them together. I think it was really fun but still it was fun.

Soccer Shots and Dribbling Tutorial

Masai and I are doing a soccer shots and dribbling tutorial for beginners, intermediates and advanced players. Right now we are planning what we are going to do and when.

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Football classic

My group-Felix Z, Michael X, Eric W, Richard J has thought of an idea to making a video  showing different levels of dribbling skills, with 3 ranks, beginner, amateur, and advanced. Examples like scissors, and cutting outside with outside of your foot, those are two of skills to show for beginners. For intermediates, we would show skills like elastico, and Maradona spin. Advanced skills like a switch rabona, around the world, and combinations of skills, and add some freestyle tricks. If the video isn’t long enough, we will add some behind the scenes.

One of our challenges when filming is that our group wasn’t that organized, and what I mean by that is we didn’t give role correctly since some of the skills were too hard for us and some of them we could do and some of them took a lot of time. Also a lot of time was wasted because at some times we were unfocused and played with the our group across from our space, and the project was slowly improving, we had to get reminded by the project manager for being of task, and thats why our project took a lot of time.

But I was surprised of the improvement we did after break, we were able to catch up on filming and we actually made this project more entertaining to grab attention to those group member who don’t work, which made them more productive and we were able to film the videos we needed, extra credit to the facilitator.

Our final product was finally finished, but the collaboration didn’t happen too much. When I was the editor, my group members that were beside me didn’t collaborate with me while editing, some of them were even off task, and thats what made our project difficult, for me, because they all already finished their blog post. The rest of the project went pretty smooth except for the times where we were off task and playing with other groups, which was our only challenge during the process of OneDay. Its only whenever I ask them to help me, they just start giving me advice, which really helped when editing, and thats why I got to our groups final product.

Football skills and tricks for all levels

My group members: Felix Li, Felix Zhu, Eric Wang, Micheal Xiao, Lao Jiang

What we are doing: We are teaching kids how to do football skills at all levels.

We started at 8:30 and we are finished with the planning stage and start the create stage. We chose two different skills for each level for the planning stage.

It is 10:20 now and we filmed all the skills from beginner to advanced. I did the two-foot touch skill and the Elastico. One is the beginner and the other one is intermediate.  I didn’t think that the skills were really hard because I did them before.  The challenge was keeping the group on track and on task, but I think we still did pretty well. We still have to do the other filming because we only did the main skills and editing all the videos.

It is Lunchtime now and the two videos below are the two skills I did and I succeed in both. We have to edit after lunch and then we are done.



After Lunch, we started editing the video and will be done at 2:30. The editing process went pretty smooth without any disruptions. I hope this will teach other kids about these six skills. Our final product is below:

If we had more time, should have gone through the video and made it more clear for people that don’t really know a lot about football.

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