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Tie’n, Knot’n and Bradi’n in at One day

For my one day project, I wanted to make bracelets for my friends. Some of the bracelets is made out of elastic embroidery and some of them are made out of silky threads.

This is because I am leaving this year, and I want to leave a memorable moment in ISB. For my friends to remember me and for me to remember my friends that I spent mostly over one year, meeting them.


First > Measure the strings equivalently and cut the part that is not needed

Second > Tie a knot at the start, but make sure you leave some space for the end!

Third > Connect the threads to a place so that if you pull, it doesn’t fall.

Fourth > Start your pattern!

Fifth > Knot the end, and place the knot at the start and tie or not them together.


The final project should look like this if you did the same pattern. These are some different patterns, and different colours. Just a reminder that these are just examples, so you can do whatever pattern, whatever colour you want.



Even though it was a little challenging and hard to try different types, and making them, it was very fun, and I enjoyed making bracelets on oneday. It will be my first and last time.

Look. A Vending Machine. It Spits Out Hi-Chews. Uno Day 2018

Well, well, well. You want to know about my Hi-Chew™ vending machine huh? Well first of all, its made out of cardboard and some hot glue, also has some toothpicks, rubber bands , and this weird plastic thingy to be able to see the Hi-Chews™.

Making the machine is such a pain. Instead of 4 hours to make (even though the video was like, 10 minutes), it took 6 HOURS, the entire day, to finish. Bleck.

First I built the base of the vending machine and the base for the mechanism for dispensing Hi-Chews™(1-2 hours). Then I got the mechanism built with rubber bands and some toothpicks, the rubber bands were attached to toothpicks that were glued onto the base of the mechanism (3-4 hours). So when you push the card in, a Hi-Chew™ comes out and the mechanism base reloads another Hi-Chew™. After that it was all cupcakes and rainbows (easy), build the base around the machine and add decorations (about an hour). If you want to make a Mentos vending machine, go to this link to find out (I just resized everything to fit the Hi-Chews™).

Mentos Vending Machine

Overall the project was… interesting (a pain). Making the machine was so annoying because the mechanism broke and the rubber bands snapped. I had to spend an extra hour repairing the mechanism and put three rubber bands to make sure they don’t snap and break again. But, it was satisfying to see in the end it finally worked, even though it looks horrible.

A Candy Bomb Jar From the Future

I made a spherical jar that’s round with white glaze and a black and red cap, I created it with white clay coils and clay slabs for the cap. I first made a bowl-shaped piece of clay with medium thick coils from the extruder, the clay I used was white clay and I used a bowl about 25cm long and about 20cm deep. I followed my plan and tried to add gaps and holes in it so I can put a light source in the finished sphere and have light shine out of the spaces between the gaps and holes. While I made the gaps with coils, the gaps always collapse and bend in, so I tried adding tiny balls of clay in between the gaps to hold the clay upright. Unfortunately, that idea didn’t work either, I had to fill up the holes in order to keep the shape of the object I’m making. I did the same thing for the other half, it came out a little rounder because I didn’t need to fix the holes, I also dug a round hole on the side for the cap to fit in. I used the score and slip skill with white construction slip to attach the 2 halves of the sphere together.


A main problem when I made my project is that every time I put something in the bowl, I always forget to add a layer of plastic on top of the bowl. This wasted a lot of my time because it’s really hard to put the clay directly in the bowl and take it out without ruining the clay. I had to take it out and ruin it and then put it back in with a sheet of plastic over the bowl and fix the half I ruined. If I could remake this project, I would try to add a stick at the bottom so it looks like a lollipop, but I didn’t add it this time because the top will be much heavier than the bottom. I would also change the shape of the candy to be more round than it is right now and of course, add holes in it so light can pass through.

Present For My Dogs!

Clothes For My Dogs :

1. Measured my dog’s length

2.Draw the sample using my clothes (Clothes that I was not used).

3.Decorated using lace, buttons and decorating yarn.

4. Cut the sample

5.Glue/Sewed the bottom part

Making Sock Monkeys

For my One day project, I decided to make a sock monkey.  It was a great way to recycle socks, and sock monkeys are a great gift for people. It was my first time making sock monkey, so it was pretty hard and challenging, but it was a great experience and I enjoyed making it.

How to make sock monkey :


Materials : a pair of clean socks , sewing stuff, a marker, scissors, and goggly eyes, Pollyfill stuffings

  1. Turn one sock inside-out and draw a line across the sockwith the marker ( from the toes from the heels )

2. Sew around the line and cut along the line with scissors



3. stuff the polly fill stuffings in.

4. sew the neck and the head. It should look like this

5. get another sock and draw the lines like this and cut it



6. Attack them to the monkey and put Pollyfill stuffings in it.


7. Put the eyes on


My One day project (Hand make wallet)

My one day project is to make 2 hands make wallets.


This is the 2 wallets I make the first is a very simple wallet that is easy to make but the second one is hard to make because the second wallet is fancier than the first one.


This is the material for this wallets

Glue, jeans, fabric, paper, clips, etc…






I made three crochet square hot pads as the products of ONE DAY.

Through my decision making, I think it is the best choice ever!

Crochet is the way to knit I didn’t know before. So, it is really special to me.

The first time I have struggled because it was the first time making crochet square hot pad.

Even though there are some struggling times, I overcame through practice crochet.


Yarn, crochet hook, scissors, and needles are all materials you need for making square hot pad

This is the YouTube site that will help you to make square hot pads

These are the process below!


The reason to make square hot pads was that I believe the One Day was a great time to learn something new. At the result, I actually learned and experienced something new. Even though I struggled, I proud of my products!




Present for our family’s winter: blanket

Present for our family’s winter: blanket

At one day, I made warm blanket to use when our family is cold.


Sometimes Beijing is really cold and windy. My mom, brother, and me felt  is really cold, so I decided to make warm blanket for Beijing’s chilly winter.

This is my progress:

But as you can see, though I worked really hard actually I didn’t finish it because it takes quite long.

I used double crochet-

View this video!

Step by Step

  1. Prepare yarns you need or want and crochet hook
  2. Make crochet chain (
  3. Start double crochet! (it will take long usually. About 1 week?)
  4. FInnish!

Making Notebook & Letter Cutting

I made 2 notebooks and one letter cardboard. This was a gift for my friends and my cousins.

Wanna one is an k-pop idol that my friend really like so I decided to make one using the letter.

Wanna-One Letter

First I started to write letters on a cardboard. I wrote wanna one on the cardboard with a black marker and a ruler.

Second, I cut the letters out from the cardboard using an knife.

Third, I painted the cute out letters black with paint.

Fourth, I cut out the background card board and painted it white.

Then I used glue gun to paste the letters on the piece of cardboard.


Galaxy Note Book

First, I made hole on the folded paper and started to bind it together.

Second, I cut the piece of card board and painted it black using black paint.

Third, I used blue, sky blue, pink, dark blue and putted the paint on a sponge and started to dab paint on the cardboard.

Fourth, I put glue on the sponge and also dab glue on the cardboard.

Fifth, I sprinkled glitter on the card board and pasted the cardboard using glue.


Star Notebook

First, I made hole on the folded paper and started to bind it together.

Second, I cut the piece of cardboard and painted it light purple.  Then I soon figured  that the notebook didn’t look really well so I painted it sky-blue on the top.

Third, I mixed star glitter with glue and putted it on top of the cardboard.

For the back, I did the same thing but instead of star glitter, I used blue glitter.



Final Look

The challenge that I faced was when I couldn’t close the notebook because of the glues with the star notebook. So, I took off the back cover and pasted a new back cover.

I learned that when you make an book cover you have to measure a little longer that the book cover. Next time, I should have made more accurate measurement and made more detailed measurement.


Hype Shoe Turned Personalized Shoe

For One Day I really wanted to customize a shoe. I wanted to make it look “hype.” I tried to get a lot of the brand names in. Most of these brands like SUPREME or Offwhite simply put a zip tie or even their name on the shoe. The price of the shoe can go up to $3,000. Originally, I really wanted to use Vans. But Tony told me it would be harder to paint on the Vans. Also, the Vans cost more 500 yuan, so I chose a pair of 300 kuai Nike Air Force Ones. Originally, my idea to customize it was like this:





On One Day, everything was set and I planned out everything perfectly. One thing hindering me was the fact of the format of the shoe. The format of the shoe allowed for less surface area for the Louis Vuitton stencil. I also wanted to cut off the strap on the shoe, but the strap appeared to be sewn on to the actual shoe. Upon trying to cut out the stencil, I realized it would be physically impossible for me and that I should’ve bought a proper one. There were too many nooks and crannies that the Exacto knife couldn’t reach without tearing the paper. I ended tracing and drawing the design. I decided to make the shoe more personalized rather than hyped. Even with the easier route to complete the shoe I still feel like I made tons of sloppy mistakes.  I feel like if I had another time,  better materials, and a better focus, I  definitely could’ve made my original idea come to life.


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