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Go Kart Driving

first day

on my first day of go karting I set up my goal and meet my OneDay teachers Mr. Yu and Mr. Jeng

my goal was to learn to drive a go kart and beat my lap score by four seconds

second day

on our second day we made sure our goals were S.M.A.R.T and we looked at videos of driving and read driving tips

third day

we planned what we were going to do on one day and we got all the equipment ready  and watched videos of how to record fast motion clips

one day

in the morning we played some driving simulation games on the PS4 and the wii we went to the karting place at one and  we were separated into different groups I was in the white group and went third when I got on my go kart it was a orange one.  after





Specific: A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. To set a specific goal you must answer the  “W” questions:

*What:     What do I want to accomplish?

*Which:    Identify requirements and constraints.

  • Tire temperature. Speed of other players that might counter act your lap time

*Why:      Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal.

  • I want to do this to see whether I am able to set a decent lap time and giving me a number to improve on.

Your Specific One Day Go Karting Goal that is Attainable and Realistic below:

I want to set a lap time that can be achievable but fast. Learn to use late and early apex as well as learning cut back and defensive line.


Day One: We started the day by looking at what we should set our goals for OneDay. We tried to communicate with other students to understand what a more realistic goal could be set but also reached.

Day Two: We refined our goal to make it easy but still challenging and thought about how we’re going to collect the data and make / record them.

Day Three: The final class before OneDay. I settled on my plan and begin to set all the equipments. This is to make sure that I am all set to go on OneDay.

Indoor Track

On OneDay we set to the track and start to practice our driving skills. My goal was to get a good lap time using different methods and techniques to improve my time.

My first round lap time on the track was  41.808 which was significantly slower than the others with 36s and 34s. The reason for this was becuase of my throttle control while I was steering into the corner. I wasn’t letting off the gas petal and used the brakes too often which can lock up the wheels and cause the driver to spin out. This was the first time I was ever on the track so implementing the strategies onto the track is drastically more different than the expectation.

My second round had more of an improvement with 38.070 becuase I was more aggressive on the throttle and let off earlier to let the kart turn into the corner with more control and speed rather than sliding out. I also learning to go wider in the straights to gain more momentum as I turn into a corner to get a straighter exit. Letting off before turning into a corner, I was able go much faster, consequently it brought more speed into the next corner.

My last round-also my best lap- was the round I attempted to insert all the techniques I learned and put them into use. Being aggressive on the throttle and not use the brakes as much is definitely effecting my lap time. Driving with Mr. Jeng and all the other fast drivers encouraged me to push my skills and the car to its limits. Learning the racing line of other drivers in front of me guided me to a better line and strategy.


On OneDay, I think my goal was achieved because I successfully used the time that I had to reach my desired goal. I was able to learn the late apex on the U-turns, driving with control and sometimes defend my position so it would be harder for other drivers to pass me. Driving at 40km doesn’t seem very fast. But when you include the fact that you have no barrier between yourself and the wind. Your hands shivering from the wind passing by your fingers. Your body shifting from the tight corners of the track.

GoKart | Austin 2018

This is my goal for GoKarting on one day:

I want to decrease my lap time to the 33’s and hit the apex on every turn, maximise my turning speed.

During the day, I did not reach my goal but I improved my lap time by 0.7 seconds. One of the problems were the carts, the carts you pick will vary in speed, grip, and mobility. Carts number 13 and 15 were the fastest and the least worn out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to drive those carts. I’m still happy that I improved even if I didn’t reach my goal.

Here a video compilation of the day:

ONEday 2018 Red 1 driving

Today, we go to Red 1 karting center, and we improved our driving skills and had some fun. Enjoy!

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