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Knitting – Bunny needs a scarf

For my One Day project, I made a blue scarf and a white bunny. I made a drop stitch scarf. In a drop stitch scarf, you first  knit two rows normally, and in the third row, you wrap around the yarn two times, and in the fourth row you knit one stick and drop the other one. I made a bunny which I saw the tutorial in YouTube.  Watch it here.

I made it from a square and put the stuffing in.  I decided to make these knitting projects because since I’m not a good knitter, I wanted to improve on my skills since these were easy to make, but it was new for me. It took me about 1 and half hour to make the bunny, and the rest to make the scarf. I think it was a good level for me because it wasn’t that easy, but it wasn’t so hard. If I can do this again I will try to knit more neatly since I was rushing and there were some small holes. I learned that making a gift is always a difficult thing no matter what you are making because you always have to think about the person you are gonna give the gift to.

Cable Knitting for 1DAY

For 1day, I learned how to cable knit! Although I had a rough start with reading and understanding the pattern,  once I had help and got going I felt confident working on the project by myself.  Not only did I surprise my peers and my family, but I surprised myself because of how much I was able to finish. I did cable knitting because I really wanted to learn a new stitch and I was ready to take on the challenge. Learning how to cable knit has been a big step for me. I would usually only knit hats and only hats, but using a different stitch and pattern helped me get out of my comfort zone of knitting only hats, and opened my eyes to new knitting projects.

If you want to learn how to cable knit:



one rug and a bag 来买啊!20块钱一个!

so on one day i learn nothing and i took pictures on  phone but forgot it at home…=)

2 Rugs for Oreo ( pet dog)

So basically I made my dog a rug. And the steps with photos are on my phone and I forgot it at home. So the rug looks like this:


The story I learn from this is to bring my phone with me at all times because it has important things in it. Also, sewing things are hard.

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