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Keep jumping!

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls shooting at him from the right side, while he tries to dodge as many as he can.  To do that he has to press “space” to jump on the keyboard when the balls shoot at him. After you survive for 12 seconds, you proved that you are worthy to play this game, so I prepared something for you when you get there >:). I worked in a team with Lang. With my partner, we chose this topic because this sort of game is easy to make, understand and to get addicted(a little), as the player could die very easily. Therefore they would want to play again and keep trying to reach a high score.

Making Awesome Board with Traditional Material

My project is about to create games, I and my partner Michael create a board game with simple materials, and the goal of this game is to kill your opponent’s characters, you have to go to the lucky block to get materials to kill your opponent’s character. We create cards and map. I choose this project is because I always want to create some kind of board game. Another reason is that I think creating a game is really cool and it’s really fun. The major events are creating the map and the lucky card, we spend 1 1/2 hours on the map and the lucky card. One thing that I’m really proud of is at the end of the day, we finish our super awesome fantastic board game, and it worked really well! From this process, I learned how to make a board game use traditional material!

There are some photo of the how we work and the character sheet

Here is the lucky card list.

Here is our map

This is what we did on One Day.  I learned a lot of things. I like One Day!

Board Game

Our project is a board adventure game. The rules of this board is very simple. And we finish just in time.

We spend 20 minutes on our character.

Then we finish our board using about 1 and a half hours


Next we use 1 hour to create our card.


At the end Eric and I played the game, and we enjoyed it.

We’re very proud at this because we’v focusing on it for the whole day. We choose this project because we thought that this project will bring happiness to people. The thing I learned from One Dvvcvay is “if you did works enough, you will get proud enough! “

Eric‘s Group and the Game

Today is one day. Me and my group is working on a roll playing game. What is a roll playing game you might (not) ask, a roll playing game is a game that you make actions for the character you chose. Me and Bill is in charge of the story plot, Leon did the map and buildings, Francis is setting the boss and Austin created the characters. The game is called the mystery island(I do not like this name).  The Map on the bottom is the map we are using. At first we was going to draw the map our selfs, but none of us has any art skills so we found a  picture on line and we changed the Chinese name in to english names. The screenshot  is the rough draft  of the story plot, me and Bill was doing that. All the monsters is the bosses in different land scape and it is found by the group. The picture that has two students in it is me and Austin, we were working on the characters. that is what we did in ONEday.


This is the character sheet


  1. Wolfgang

Health: 300 when not starving (150)

Attack damage: 20 (5)

TIP: Starving speed is three times faster. It will lose HP and damage.

Weapons: swords

Notice Role: 3+

Dodge Role: 5+

Damage Role: 5+

  1. Robot WX-78

Health: 200

Attack damage: 10

TIP: Lose HP while raining, after raining (no matter how much raindrops), lose 20HP each round and when hit by lightning double damage and speed for tworounds

Weapons: any

Notice Role: 2+

Dodge Role: 5+

Damage Role: 4+

  1. Blake

Health: 150

Attack damage: 0

TIP: Can make magic books (VERY powerful), can only eat fresh food in order to not lose HP.

Weapons: cannot use them

Notice Role: 4+

Dodge Role: impossible

Damage Role: no damage

  1. Lola

Health: 75

Attack damage: 10 ,  30 is with weapons

TIP: Two times faster than normal character

Weapons: bows and arrows

Notice Role: 2+

Dodge Role: 4+

Damage Role: 4+

  1. Abagail

Health: 200

Attack damage: 10,  25 is with weapons

TIP: Can only eat meat, can make weapons for team.

Weapons: spears

Notice Role: 3+

Dodge Role: 4+

Damage Role: 4+


  1. Kursus

Health: 1250

Attack damage: 80

  1. Frieth

Health: 2000

Attack damage: 50

  1. Kurdis

Health: 2700

Attack damage: 70

  1. Frogman

Health: 100

Attack damage: 10

  1. Mactusk

Health: 150

Attack damage: 20

  1. Dwarfs

Health: 100

Attack damage: 10


  1. Snow scepter Attack damage: 200 TIP: Boss can only attack in two rows
  2. Bows and Arrows Attack damage: 75
  3. Swords Attack damage: 20
  4. Spears Attack damage: 25 


  1. Wooden armour -30% damage
  2. Iron armour -40% damage
  3. Crystal armour -50% damage


  1. Berries survive for one round
  2. Carrots survive for two rounds (add five health)
  3. meats survive for three rounds (add ten health)
  4. mushroom add fifteen health
  5. frog gland add twenty health







Turbulent Tutorial of Cat Mario

For 2018 ONEday, I chose to make both entertaining and concise tutorial of cat Mario. To make a tutorial, I collaboratively worked as a team and I practiced all levels of cat Mario before ONEday.  In the team, I contributed to film a video of how to play level 1 and 3 of cat Mario and I chose music for the tutorial, but later we decided not to put music in the actual video. Instead, we put BGMs into the tutorial.

I chose this project because cat Mario is one of the hardest game in the world and I wanted to challenge myself. In addition, I wanted to be collaborative in this project since I worked individually in previous ONEday.


  1. Practice all 6 levels of cat Mario
  2. Film all 6 levels of cat Mario using Youtube
  3. Export video from Youtube
  4. Edit video by adding subtitles as well as BGMs using iMovie
  5. Finalize tutorial video

Through this process, we also had lots of problems. During filming the tutorial video, we had a problem with the audio so we needed to redo some of the levels in cat Mario. Also, our video was too long while it was meant to be short so we deleted lots of unnecessary parts in our video.

Throughout this year ONEday project, I was very proud of myself the fact that I finished all levels of cat Mario and even created a perfect tutorial of it by working with a team; however, I was little bit disappointed that my music didn’t go to the final product and my portion of the video was longer than the other parts. Furthermore, l learned the most valuable lesson from ONEday project: Working collaboratively as a team is the life skill and making tutorial of the game is not as simple as what I have expected.


Cleared all levels of cat Mario

Watching and editing the tutorial video using iMovie


Link for the tutorial video:




Hills background

Three Sentences that Describe My Project

My project was about making a challenging Mario type 2D platformer game that contains map trolls and Easter eggs. None of our teammates (including me) knew how to program so we split up our roles. I and another person were to draw up the maps while the last person was to and learn how to program then using what he had learned to program the game. We had to use our imagination a lot (except the person programming) because we had to think about all of the map designs (which all had to be interesting.


Two Sentences About Why I Chose the Topic

I chose the task because the task was somewhat my interest and the idea of finishing a game and being able to play it appeal to me. I also liked created a map with trolls since it gave me a chance to push my imagination to the limit and see what I can come up with by myself.

What I Did

On the Oneday of 2018, we created a 2D platformer that is similar to Mario and my role in the group was to draw up the background for the entire level. In the end, we couldn’t finish our game because we found out our coding program didn’t have the correct version. For the most of the day, I just drew maps and occasionally checked on how the coding was going. After I finished, I felt really tired and I was really sad that the video game couldn’t be published since I had some interesting ideas for the game. However, I did feel proud of the map backgrounds that I drew. Even though they are not the prettiest backgrounds, I still felt good about them since I finished for of them and they are better then my usual drawings.

Rolling Down Hills [game]

Tyrant and Dungeons

We came up with a game for One day. It’s a choose your own adventure mixed with Dungeons and dragons. It still needs finishing touches but is overall completed. This worked out between us and had all our interests combined. It was easier to do and think about. I would add a rulebook and label more things. I worked with Ryan and Musung. We had a physical map.

We had a conflict about the map, but it worked. We still need finishing touches, but I believe it is almost finished, we just need scenarios and to label things. Our idea was good.

I liked finishing the map by myself. My role was to be an artist and I succeeded.

Our story was about protagonists who would have to journey. Our game was finished but needed more explaining as well as a label and a scenario sheet. We also could have had a rulebook and more character sheets.



Musung working 

WIP on the map


finished map


Hearthstone (card game version)

I made Hearthstone in card game version.   Players: 2 ~3

How to play:

1. You have to roll a dice. If you get bigger number than your opponent you start first.

2. If you start first you take 3cards but if you start later than your opponent you take 4cards and a coin. If you use the coin you get ONE more mana(you can only use the coin once when you want to

3. You can deal a card(the cards mana gage can not go over the mana you have right now)

4. You have to kill the boss to win


  1. Biggest challenge?

Cutting the cards out


  1. Biggest success?

We finished it!!!!! Yay!!


  1. What I learned…

I learned that we should cooperate to make things done when we are in a group(don’t just play Hearthstone.)


  1. Future steps…

Make 4+ player game (not age)




The Math Test that You Just Can’t Pass

We know that quite a couple of us like math, we like to compete in math, and we always do math tests that we complete in the end.
Can’t there be a math test that you just can’t pass? Where you only get further but it gets too hard and you eventually lose?
That’s what inspired me to make the “Impossible Math Challenge”

I decided to start programming it with a programming language called PYTHON, it is widely used to create games, and it is pretty straightforward.

However, I was overly ambitious about python, the bundle that I was using (Pygame 1.5) had an error on Mac that causes the new “blitted” image to crash. I had 600 lines written already, but I couldn’t manage to debug it.

Error: The error is due to the function called in lines 60-67, because it is not able to execute functions stored within functions or Game loops, in this case, the Main Loop. However I couldn’t find a way across because when I put the function outside of the game loop it is not able to execute within when it has to decide where my mouse clicked by importing the values (mousex, mousey) and since those values aren’t called with Global, Therefore (to me) I didn’t find a way to debug this, well at least for the duration of the day.

Before I gave up, Ms. Mai came and recommended me to do the

So I got started, collected some Kahoot Quiz Music, and started programming.

I made a simple Starting Prompt Module, with a fixed delay between the words (Left)

The Stage was attached to the main workflow by Functions, thus keeping the program non-reliant on the start button

The next problem I met was the fact that you can’t shut off a command that is running, unless you shut off the whole sprite’s current loops or functions. This issue caused me to not be able to shut off the player answering the question when the timer is out. Thus I created a double lock system (Right) and concepts are, if the time is up before the question loads, the question stops, if the player did not finish the question when the time stopped, the player’s answer would not count. An example of the system in use (Middle):

That’s Basically all of my program, It is not fully complete at this point as the questions are not fully added.

There is a chance of Extending this project and completing it in the future

Keep jumping

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls keep coming from left side. The topic of this project is about Naruto. When you lose it, you will see something really interesting. It’s a 2D

I have worked in a team, with my partner. The reason I chose to make this game it because I think this sort of games are easy to get addicted, you always want to keep trying, and it won’t really waste a lot of time.

It was bit tired, cause it’s really tough to sit on chair and staring the screen.

The proud moment was when the Naruto was able to jump, so that makes me feel we are on the right path.



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