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Hearthstone smaller ver.

My one day’s biggest challenge was of the finding a rule about the game we made. We made a game which was smaller than origin game, so it was hard to change the rule. Also, biggest success was that I finished that thing. What we learned is that it takes lots of time and it’s hard to make an even a small game. At future, I think we can make more card and make more like the original game.

Yesterday, we made the rule of games  and cut the cards for the game. I had the role of having the part of the design and the printing of the cards and the major event of the day was the cutting the cards it take us about 2~3 hours to do that. Actually my day was pretty hard and boring before finishing the cards. We didn’t expect that we will run out of card covers. The proud moment was after we finished all the cards and played once. It made me proud because it took us long to make the card and it means we did it. We learned that even a small game takes lots of time

Hearthstone- Card Game

In one day, our project was creating a card game. The card game was based on a video game called Hearthstone. My work was to find all the card that would be possible to play in the game and creating and printing it. I also created the rules for the game. For the morning, we were thinking of how to create the rule. Finally, we decided to make 5 characters for the player to choose. This makes the player gets a verity of choices so it would be fun. We decided that every deck should have 30 cards. This will make the game longer and more fun to play. We first decided the cards we were supposed to choose. We printed an approximate of 150+cards. Then we cute the cards. IT took a long time and effort to do that job. At last, we play tested it and it worked perfictly.

The major event of the day was creating the rules because most of the thoughts we had didn’t work because it is a card game no the video game. We also decided to change the rules a bit so it would be more fun for the people that plays the game. It was really hard to explain the rules to people that don’t play the video game because there are many different effects for different cards so some cards people cannot understand.

I thought that one day worked out because I had a lot of fun creating and playing the game. The playing of the card game really worked out and we had fun play testing it. We also tried to add a 3 person game. It was made by us but it worked out really well.

It is a game where you destroy the enemy opponent to win. You have a variety of cards that assist you to destroy and crush your opponent. There is also a variety of heroes to choose from to make the game to make is less predictable so it’s fun and enjoyable to play. I choose this project because it is a game on the laptop that I really enjoy playing. I also choose it because I thought it will be really attracting to create cards to play.

2018: OneDay Project – Cat Mario Tutorial


I finished our project together with Justin Jeon and James Park. Throughout the day, we had created a tutorial for the game Cat Mario. We recorded all six levels while explaining every detail in the game. Then putting all six parts into one video adding subtitles and soundtracks in order to make our video interesting and attractive. I chose the topic of making a game, more specifically Cat Mario because of many reasons. Personally, I think gaming is fun, but creating a game seems more interesting to me. Even though I did not necessarily create a game, but we created a game tutorial for the game – Cat Mario. Additionally, the game Cat Mario has a lot of traps, many people may need support in order to go through all levels.



Therefore, we created a tutorial of the game Cat Mario. I did two levels out of the six levels (level 2 & 5) and helped edit details in the video. The most important part of the day to me is the stage of recording. Because it is challenging to explain the same time while trying not to fail. Alternatively, if you don’t “die”, you can’t really explain clearly of where the traps are. The day was good for me. Because the time was just enough to finish recordings of all levels and edit it into a video. Also, I enjoyed the process throughout the day. I was really proud the time when we finished our video. Because it felt really good to watch all the work we did throughout the day. Most importantly, throughout the day, I learned how to collaborate more efficiently and to do more work while collaborating together. Overall, the day was really pleasant and I really enjoyed it.




For Oneday, I chose to work in the Handmade gifts group. I felt really passionate about creating things, which lead to the creation of a puzzle. In the beginning, overestimated myself, thinking that I would be able to finish three puzzle in the 5 hours time. This was misleading, however, because the cutting of the cardboard was harder than I thought, only being able to cut out one puzzle.

Photo glued on to cardboard

Here is the beginning stage of making a puzzle, where I glued the photo on to a thin piece of cardboard. In this stage, I used white glue, so that the picture can stay on the cardboard for a long time. But this was not a good choice, because the photos started wrinkling as time passed, until the glue completely dried.

Cut out border

This is where I started to cut out the borders of the pictures so that there are no blank space where it is not filled with a picture. In this stage, some parts of the paper were not completely dried, which made it hard for me to cut out with a fine edge. The pictures moved, as I cut with a knife, and parts of the picture ripped off which made a impact on the final pieces.

shape of puzzle placed on photo

To cut out the photo into puzzle pieces, I placed the shape of a puzzle on the photo, and cut out with a knife with the puzzle pieces on top. This stage took the longest time, making me not being able to finish all three and even not being able to finish one. I think this is because of the tool that I used. The knife was a little bit dull when I used, making it slow and hard to cut out each piece.


Final puzzle pieces

I have learned a lot during Oneday. I learned about the choice of the tools can change the final product. The use of the knife made the puzzle pieces very good, but it took way too much time on cutting them. The use of a scissor made it really quick, but the puzzle pieces did not look very good. I used the knife for the most of Oneday, which made me have to finish cutting the puzzle pieces at home, since I ran out of time.


We need a Professional Person to do some Professional Project. (ONE DAY)

One-Day Progress

This is the first photo of my 2D shooting game. I was able to move my character fluently. In this step, the character moved without any problem. Next thing I had to do is to paste the maps for the game.

I got maps from Matthew and SG and successfully added to our game. The only thing left to us was to give the character a weapon and set firing points so that we can actually shoot.

It didn’t take me a long time to actually change the design of the character and give it an arm. However, it did take a long time to actually make the arm to move smoothly.

However, I wasn’t able to keep work on my game, and you can see in the game that there are 3 problems that I can’t solve.
One-Day Reflection

Today, I, SG and Matthew worked together to make a 2D shooting game. My job was to program the files and scripts to finish the game. SG and Matthews drew the backgrounds for our game. I was proud that I programmed quite quickly that we had quite a time to rest. However, I was stuck at some mechanical problem that we couldn’t continue working on our game, and our game cannot be able to finish now. I was quite upset at this point. I chose this project because I thought it would be very exciting experience, however, it ended up in vain. I learned that we should have gathered more information about coding, and if I am doing the same thing in the future, I will try to prepare as much professional information as possible.

It’s a Me-a Mario

The Derp Wizards: Alex

Ethan and I have been drawing and animating wizards for almost… 1 day.  We’ve been working on an amazing and cool project for… 1 day. So what you’re going to see is all in…1 day.

And this is what you’re going to see:


Lessons from Failure

Map 3 I draw

Map 2 I draw

Map 1 I draw

Oneday reflection:

Today our team planned to make a 2D shooting game, and I was designing map for game. There was no challenges when I was making map, but the biggest problem was no one could help Isaac when he needed help. In our group, no one knew about coding/programing except for Isaac, so when he needed help, no one could help him. Therefore, we were not able to finish everything.

The great success was that the robot actually moved.

This can be a good lesson that teaching us you should not try to make a game if you do not have professional information about it

For the future steps, I would study more about coding/programming and will continue the process.


3 Sentences that describe your project: Lessons from failure, never try making game if you don’t know about coding/programming, Nothing can be more valuable than knowledge

2 sentence about why you chose that project: When I play game, I always had some complains about games, so I wanted to make my own perfect game. And also, making a new game is an interesting topic to try, so I chose this project.

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