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Genesis: Shangri-La/ CRAZY

During the project, our group, ‘Genesis’ danced to 2 different K-Pop song Sangri-La by VIXX and Crazy by 4minute. We decided to do this project because all of us like to dance to K-Pop songs and we feel more like us when we dance to the same choreography as each other.

To start of our project, we had to choose the songs we are going to dance to. In the beginning, we chose a song that was more energetic and addictive. However, when we went through the first minute of the song, we realized this song wasn’t challenging at all for us. We went through the minute of the song in 40 minutes. To make OneDay more interesting and challenging for us, we decided to dance to 2 different songs with different style of music which had difficult choreography. Then, we made the mashup of the 2 songs. With all of the music and the choreography video ready, we started to learn the dance.

The first song, Sangri-La by VIXX is a song that is about a boy expressing his love towards the girl that he likes by telling her that she is his day and night and he needs her in his deep heart too. With this kind of lyrics, the mood of the song become more peaceful and elegant feeling. On the other side of the hand, our second song which was Crazy by 4minute was a song about a girl that shows off and tells people what she is an awesome girl that would make anyone crazy with her and fall in love with her. With the lyrics mostly being about crazy, the song is really powerful. The 2 different songs have a complete different mood which gives a huge impact to the audience.

As a final product, we performed to the whole ‘Just Dance’ crew our final dance. This is the performance we did:

During the whole OneDay project, we learned how to dance to different moods of the song at once.



Nothing really inspired me but River Flows in U is one of my favorite song. So I want to create a different kind of River Flows in U. Since the original version is classic piano, I like to create music with EDMS and Synthesizers, so i tried to combine them.


I used the software garageband, and connect the keyboard using cable to the computer. i first record the piano version, and insert it into garageband, then i edit with the keyboard. i used the grand piano’s note/sound as the main rhyme, EDM/Synthesizers as chords/accompany.


This is really challenging because the song in the piano version (style) is different from the EDMs, so trying to make it sounding “normal” is hard. Another things that’s challenging is the piano thing, I record the piano version but there might be a beat mistake. So when I put the loop (beat) in, it doesn’t fit that well. It is challenging mixing two completely different style of music, and it’s easy to be chaotic.

3 things you learned today 

How to play wind song together

How to match up the tone with different instruments

Mixing certain types if sounds

2 things that were challenging 

Mixing a totally different style’s sound with another

Making sure they were no smashing sounds

1 question you have 

How to make it more ‘refined’?

Not my Fault

For one day, my group, Carina, Ashley, and I, made a cover of Seven Years. I am the first violinist, Carina is the second violinist, and Ashley is the pianist.
First, we recorded the the piano. Next, we recorded first violin. Then, we recorded second violin. There were a lot of problem about the piano. The piano in the first room used had no plugs, so we had to find another room, but we couldn’t find the Performing Arts teacher, so we asked Ms. Bulteel to give us a room.
After the piano was recorded, I started to record the first violin part. When I played halfway, the piano had a problem, there was a big gap in the middle. We tried the join the separate parts together, but it didn’t work. We spend about three hours working on it.
After lunch, we decided to record the piano again. It took an hour. Finally, after the piano was recorded, I started to record, again. When I played Ashley made a lot of noises, so I told her to stop yelling. Then, the teacher came and told me to be more polite, but it wasn’t my fault. She got angry by such a small thing and decided to not work with us for the rest of the day, she played her phone and pretended to read instead. Ashley should be the one apologising to us.
In the end, we didn’t have time to finish the project. The biggest mistake I made was adding Ashley to my group.  She ruined our project. I learned that never add an irresponsible and sensitive person in your group(Ashley).

One day music 4 challenge

Thing I learn:

I learned that we need to save our time, so we will finish our project.

second, I learned that we need to choose our team members carefully, so there won’t be so many fights.

finally, we learned that we need to help our teammates, not do your own things and laugh at them.

Things were challenge:

We couldn’t place each instruments together.

We couldn’t unification the VPM.


Why count’d have more time for one day?




Music in change


Our group group members are Ashley, Chloe and I. We decided to make a covered of music, and we choose the music “seven years” So Ashley is the pianist, Chloe is the first violinist, and I am the second violinist.
I learned that we needed to work together as a group. The part when we are trying to put all the pieces together, but the pieces sometimes got blank parts to let us to cut out was challenging. So we have to record the piece again. That takes a lot of time to record it.  We learned about that we needed to work together as a group, so we can finish it on time. If I can do this project again, I would make a plan before we start to record the song, so we won’t have so many problems so solve.

Junk on Earth

Throughout this whole project first I borrowed all the stuff like-mic, keyboard and etc, secondly, I started to record the music, thirdly I started Editing it took me like 1 and half hour. My inspiration was from Mr Q and Mr Moniz. It was like a mashup of the songs and making my own music. Degan helped me to make some cool music. I was playing the piano and he helped me in editing. It was a fun day I learned many new things from this one day project.


music i’ve never made before

first of all my inspiration was all the different sounds that I heard and Mr.moniz pushing me to use different types of music in one song which actually enhanced it majorly to my usual music. secondly, my process was I started with a drum beat then I added a bass followed by a synth and an upbeat. using a phaser to transition from one style of music to the other. I took away that there are so many types of music and I need to be expressive with my music.

Earth’s Ocean of Junk

My inspiration for this project came from different videos about the earth and how it was dying so I decided to make a song about it. Throughout this whole project, I used multiple gadgets and materials. For example 2 types of mic’s and my computer. With all these materials, I firstly started editing my lyrics and putting chords into them to get into the mood and know exactly what i was singing. Then I added different sounds in the back to make a bass type of sound. Finally, after a lot of mistakes and restarts, I recorded my voice and the guitar and had a successful run. One of my mistakes was choosing the wrong mic at first and having to redo and use a different mic. Another problem I encountered was my approach. At first I tried recording the guitar and then recording my voice over it, but that did not work, so I just recorded my voice and guitar together to make a final piece.

Sing them all (Mashup)

My 1Day project was to create a mash-up of songs about self-empowerment, promoting the message that you should love yourself just the way you are. This sort of idea was inspired by youtube videos of sing-offs by Conor Manyard.

One of the biggest problem I faced while creating this piece was that I set the tempo too fast and I didn’t realize until I recorded some of the faster paced songs. Because of this, I was forced to rerecord the whole thing at a slower tempo. This was a pain to do and wasted a lot of time but I was still able to finish. Another problem was that the recording sounded very thin and simple, without many layers. The teachers helped me decide what to add in to make the sound more full and textured. In the end, I had a bass that really helped.

If I did this project again, I choose a better key and better songs within my range so that I wouldn’t have to jump between octaves to sing notes that were either two high or too low for me.

Overall, this project was extremely fun to do and I am satisfied with the outcome. I learned a lot about recording songs and how to play with the sound to enhance it.

Final Product (video)

Abandonment Awareness Music

This One day, I chose to do the Music project. Doing this project, I learned a lot about how to create melodies and effects on garage band, and how to use professional recording equipment to record my voice. The first thing I did on One day was to write the lyrics for my song, called All a Lie. Because we had to make music handling an issue in the world, I chose to write my lyrics about child and animal abandonment. Secondly, I started to make the background track for my music. Because I hadn’t really worked with garage band before, this took a lot of research and time to complete successfully. Finally, I went into a quiet room to record my voice and add it to the background track. A mistake that I made often was that I kept on deleting the wrong tracks and adding the wrong tracks to my garage band background track. Some challenges I faced were using the garage band and successfully recording my voice. If I could do this project again, I would spend less time on the backing track, and pre-write the lyrics before One day.

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