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Making toy robot out of…

<Making toy robot out of>

Location: Feb Lab(Behind the Dom)

Date: 14/Feb/2018

Supported by Precious Plastic


and three great teachers


I made toy robot out of plastic in the Feb Lab. Most people think plastic is trash that hard to remove. However, plastic is very useful so people can’t stop using plastic. There are many convenient things made out of plastic like disposable dish, file, plastic bottle, bottle cap, mechanical pencil and so on. These things have similarity that spend lots of time when remove these materials and some materials cant remove.                                                                       People want to solve this problem and they thought make other useful things with these trash plastics.




<machines that help me to make Robot out of plastic>

Shredder: To grind plastic very tiny pieces. (Left side of below picture)

Extruder: To heat tiny plastics and change these pieces into hot soft line. I use this machine to make head of robot. (Right side of below picture)

tiny pieces:                                                 






sander: To make materials clearly and exquisitely.




Table cutter: To cut hard plastic





Finally, I made toy robot.

The Luck-Key experience: PRECIOUS PLASTIC!!!

The Luck-Key experience: PRECIOUS PLASTIC!!!

February 13, 2018

Eric Cho



I heard about precious plastic in the science café, and I was engrossed instantly to making plastic trash into a useful material. I signed up for precious plastic in the one day survey, and luckily, I am here in the FAB LAB and made 3 projects in total. We gathered a lot of plastics before one day, the types 2, 4, and 5 because 1 and 3 were harder to control the melting points. We put a box near the room 2638 (Ms. Boardman’s room), and told our friends to bring plastics. Like that, we successfully gathered tons of plastic. In the FAB LAB, there were two different kinds of extruders, one shredder, and an oven. Among those machines, I used the extruders because there were already a lot of shredded plastics, and I had no time for the oven. The first project was all about plastic bags, cutting and ironing. The second one was about using the extruder machine, making coils and lines. My last project was carving on top of plastic tiles.

First project!

My first project was a wallet made by plastic bags which was ironed together. I first cut the useless parts of a plastic bag such as the handle, and I cut the bottom to split the plastic bag into two pieces. I used only one piece and cut it into 3 pieces to make the sheet thicker, and put baking paper on and under the sheet to iron it. When I pulled it out, the 3 sheets had stuck together and was wonderful. Then, I made a net out of that 3-sheets-combined sheet. A net is to fold and cut the sheet to make it into a wallet by only using one sheet instead of ironing more pieces. The drawing of a net is in the bottom. So, I folded the edges and ironed it and also ironed the back and the front of the wallet, and to not let the hole stick together (because I needed to put money inside), I inserted a baking paper inside the hole and ironed it. That way, the plastic bags don’t stick together. This wallet was my second try, and my first try failed because I didn’t make the net and just tried to stick the separate pieces together, and I didn’t used the baking paper. But as soon as Mr. Frank told us about the net, I was successful.


Second project!

My second project was kind of a failure, but at least I experienced the extruder machine. I firstly chose the shredded plastics which were the color of black and white because they were my favorite color and both were the same type, PP (remember, when you’re extruding, you should only choose the same type). Next, me and my friends, James and Matthew helped me dump the plastic in the hole and stick the coils together. Before you dump the plastic in and start the machine, you need to see if the extruder machine has heated up. When we dumped the plastic pieces in and started the machine, the thick, melted plastic lines came out from the end of the machine. My job was to wrap it around the tin bowl to make a coil plastic bowl. The first 3 lines stuck together, but the next didn’t even stick. Mr. Jerry turned the temperature higher, but it still didn’t stick well and keep falling off. And when we finally messed up, we stopped the machine. The color was rather not monotone, but different variety of colors: light grey to grey to darker grey to black. Even though the result was not good, I experienced and learned how to handle the extruder machines, so I think it was a nice encounter for me.


Third project!

My last project is carvings on the plastic tiles. The plastic tiles were not melted by us, we only carved on it. But carving was hard too. We used the pushing tool, and pushed the surface. But if you didn’t measure your power well, you just push too deep or push all the way to the end of the tile. And it was hard to see clearly from a far distance, so I had to trace it with a sharpie. I sanded off the sharp edges of the tiles by a sanding machine which has a sandpaper twirling really fast. This project was rather the easiest project I did and the simplest.




Precious Plastic was a great experience for me and it felt good to change plastic rubbish into something useful. Mr. Frank, Ms. Boardman and Mr. Jerry helped me and taught me a lot and I am thankful of that. Precious plastic is not regrettable one day and it was perfect for me.

Ditto with Precious Plastics


Transformation with Precious Plastics

February 13, 2018


For my one day I made 4 projects in total. My first project was an envelope made by fused plastic bags. My second project was a carved Ditto (Pokémon) and a carved Snorlax (Pokémon). My last project was more of an experiment, it looked more like a person skydiving than what I was thinking at the beginning.

Assembling: First before I could make anything I had to gather plastics type 2,4, and 5. This wasn’t that hard because in the world that we live we rely on plastics. So, I went around my house and the school gathering plastics. The place where I could drop off plastics where near the 3rd floor Design Lab and near Gym 4.


Project 1: With this project I made a small envelope out plastic bags that were fused together. For this project I first took of the handles from the plastic bags. After doing so it gave me one rectangular piece of plastic. Then, I cut the pieces of plastic into piece that would work for me. After that, I used baking paper on the top and on the bottom of the plastic bags. To fuse the bags together I used a normal iron, to make them stick well I had to get down on the iron for the bags to stick. My first challenge was that I could not make the envelope open up, so I made a second plastic envelope, this one worked quite well and that was my final product.


Project 2 & 3: For this project I used plastic tiles. After the tiles where made I carved inside using normal wood working tools. I had to use a clamp so that the tile would come off. After everything was ready I could start. For the 2nd project I first made the shape of the head. For the outline of the head I used two different tools. When this was finished I made the mouth which I used again the same two tools. For the eyes I used 2 different tools. Finally, I sanded of the useless part of the head. The most challenging part of the carving was using the correct tools. This project was my favourite because of the sanding. For the 3rd project I repeated what I had done for but I made a Snorlax.

Project 4: This project was more of a test. I didn’t really know what to do so I let the melted plastic from the extruder. The extruder is a machine that transform the bits of shredded plastics into a string of plastics. Using the strings of plastic I made a piece of modern art(really nothing specific). The hard part of this project is that I had to deal with how fast the strings of plastic.

Overall I think that One Day 2018 was really fun. I recommend watching the Precious Plastic YouTube videos.

Blue Youtube Play Button

Blue Youtube Play Button


Plastic waste is ruining our environment because it cannot compost, therefore staying on the ground and never going away. Precious Plastic is a group who are taking that unused plastic and turning them into useful things, such as a chair, or a rack.

For one day, I chose the Precious Plastic project.  We worked in the fabrication laboratory (FAB LAB). It is a new place in ISB where there are machines that can process recycled plastics and turn them into something new. We used our imagination and tried to make items out of the things that people didn’t need anymore.

Before one day, we asked people to put type 2, 4, and 5 plastics into boxes we placed outside the ES science room. After collecting those plastics, we washed them up, took off the labels and prepared them for our use.

First, I decided to start making a pencil bag/envelope. I started with gathering plastic bags, then I cut the bags into the sizes I needed. Then, I stacked them together and ironed them together with sheets of paper on either side of the bags. This made the bags fuse into a single more durable plastic. From here I was able to fold and create the envelope. To make it not fall apart, I didn’t use stitches or hot glue, instead, I chose not to use more materials and ironed the folds together. This is how it turned out.

It doesn’t look very nice. But my envelope was durable and could hold pencils. Even though it didn’t look good it could still be used.

Second, I decided to go to carving. The material we carved on was made by grinding up unused plastics and then putting it in a mold, heating it up in very high temperatures and then letting it cool. Turning into a solid. It looked like this.

Then, I took a whiteboard marker and drew my design on the tile. Then, I started to carve. After I finished carving I traced over it once again in sharpie. My final carving was like this.

My final project used the extruder. This machine melted the plastic into a dense liquid thing (like toothpaste) and shot it out (like toothpaste).

I First shot the stream into a bowl, trying to make a complete circle that looked like a bowl. I tried this three times, and eventually, the day was over. It did not work.

Working with these things taught me that these unused plastics could be molded and shaped into something new. My work didn’t turn out to look very good, but it still turned out into something new that could be used.



Making envelopes with Precious Plastics



Collecting Plastic

Before creating amazing things with this new material people need to find materials, and actually, it is pretty easy. The main kinds of plastic we use our 2,4, and 5 this type of plastic can be found in bottle caps, old vegetable trays, plastic bags, plastic milk cartons, and much more. In order to find the specific type of plastic, you can look at the bottom of a material and there should be the recycle logo and a number in the middle.


Project 1: Envelope

My first project was an envelope made out of old plastic bags. This envelope was very easy to make and can help the environment. I made the envelope by layering sheets of cut plastic bags together, then putting baking paper under and over the plastic sheets. Then  I put an iron over it and pushed hard. This melts the plastic and fuses the two sheets together. I did the same with the seams and sides. I think this worked out pretty well because we turned something that would probably go to the trash into a nice envelope you can send to your friends and family.

Project 1: Problems


During this project, I ran into a few problems. One problem I came across was that at first the teachers and students were confused about how to get the plastic to smoothly stick together using the iron. We found the answer when Ms. Boardman showed us the correct way. I also ran into some problems along the way, after around five minutes one of the envelopes seems came loose and I had to iron it back. This made it harder because there were three layers of plastic and only two of them were sticking.

Project 2: Carving

Project 2 didn’t come out as well. I decided to try and carve something out of the plastic but it turns out to be pretty tough. I say this because the plastic was strong and you couldn’t cut lines very accurately. This was also very hard to see without being up close. But overall if you work hard enough and try to be as accurate as possible yours might come out better. A machine that helped us make smoother and better edges was the sanding machine. The machine could actually cut away and slowly erode all the plastic you need. This also helped make our corners smoother and made nice curves.

I learned a lot during this project. It showed me that you should start reusing and little small things can make a difference in our trash piles. In the future i want to try and keep on doing precious plastics.


The Flash!!!!! Precious Plastic 2018

At the beginning, I decided to carve symbols and designs into our block of plastic made out of reused material. I planned to make the symbol of The Flash.  First, I used the sander to sand the edges of the block because we thought that is was too sharp, and didn’t look good, therefore, we smoothed out the edges creating a curved edge which also looked better. Next, I used whiteboard markers to sketch out our design, so it would be easier to cut later and reduce the number of mistakes. Then, I started to carve, it took us more than 3 hours to finish carving our chosen symbols. Well, I tried to make the carving better by melting more plastic and putting it on my carving. But the challenge is that it might melt my original piece, so I gave up that possibility. During this project, I actually learned alot! I learned how to use carving tools, learned the ways of how plastic can be reused, and learned the different kinds of plastic.

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