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Capturing Village Life in Less Than an Hour

For the OneDay of 2018, I chose to do photography. This is because when I take photos, I feel like it’s just another way of expressing who I am and what I see through a unique and unspoken way. Therefore, this year, I spent two hours in a village and besides a river to capture shots of life and memories. From this experience, I have learned that taking good pictures take patience, angles, and the right timing. You just have to go for it and capture the moment.

Here are some of my photos.

Overall, it was a very successful project done. Several shots from the village became my favorites and being able to experience and capture village life was something different to anything I had done in the past. If I could do it again, I would take more photos so I would have a variety of photos to choose from. But if I could choose, I would do it all over again.


Shunyi Photography-Grace

This year for One day, I chose to do photography because I used to love photography and I wanted to also improve on it. We went to the village behind BSB and the Wen Yu river to take pictures. When we got there, it was really fun to figure out the angles and shoot different kind of objects and buildings. I think while having that experience, I have improved on my skills in taking photos and also editing the photos afterwards. I thought that the village experience was better than the river experience because in the river experience we got to interact with the villagers and take pictures of more lively things. But during the river experience, it was harder to find what to take as everybody was taking the same sets of pictures.

I also took a lot of MS life pictures but I chose this one because I really liked how I edited it and where the camera was focused at.

Shutter Up

This one day I went out to two different locations to take pictures of different kinds of things like dogs, cones, walls, water, etc. the two different locations were the river and the village right behind BSB. We first went to the village and found out that there was a lot of things take a photo of, like bikes in a frozen river, wild dogs, and village life. I use my friends CANON D5 MARK IV and the pictures I took came out really cool. Another location is the River, the river is a great place for people to fish, even though it is filled with trash, but we saw at least 5 people fishing. here we took some scenery photos and came back to edit the photos. I choose two photos, one with two cones, one with dead corn crops. I had a great time with my friends taking photos around our school.

The Artsy Lens

One day 2018 was a great time with my fellow photographers. we went to the river and the village to get some photos which were very good as you can see from outside our homeroom 85. we went to the village and outside in the cold the river was frozen and a bicycle. and then we went into the village where we found a lot of frozen things and icicles everywhere. we found a pair of pants which had icicles hanging from them. I was so cold and I couldn’t feel my nose. then we got a lot of good pictures and got to the bus to go to the river.

Then we went to the river and I got my bests picture there. I found a hat floating in the bank of the river. we got to see people fishing and got to see some great landscapes. we also found these to weird dolls behind a bin.

we got back and picked our best photos and edited them and made them as good as we could. then we printed them and we made frames and posted them outside our class where our exhibition happened. I used the dog photo and the hat photo.
it was a very good one day and I got to take some really good photos.

ShunYi photography (village, river, MS life)

For one day, I chose ShunYi photography. We went to two places to take photos, the village and the river. I took many good photos of village life, both of people and the houses. However, I only had one good photo of the river, since the river didn’t have many interesting spots. I also took a few photos of my friends taking pictures and printed one out for the MS life board. To me, this year’s one day was a success, since I learned new photography skills and developed a stronger liking for photography. I also learned how to edit photos and make them look better without making them look too edited.

Photography OneDay

This year for One Day, I did Shun Yi Photography. I had a little bit of experience with photography from before, but I wanted to learn more.

First we went to a village behind BSB. The village seemed to have more dogs than people, and not many of the people wanted to have their pictures taken, so we got a lot of dog pictures.

After spending about 45 minutes in the village, we went to the Wen Yu River. We spent about an hour walking across the river an getting really good pictures of reflections the fisher’s.

After coming back to ISB, we spent the rest of the day editing our pictures. I learned about lots of editing features like shadows and contrast. If I did this again, I would bring gloves, because it was hard to take pictures when I couldn’t feel my hands.

Shunyi Photography- Rebecca Li

For OneDay, I chose to work with the Shunyi Photography group. I chose to work with this group because I personally enjoy photography, and i can use this experience as practice, since I’m in the Yearbook Photography enrichment.

First, we went to a village which was 5 minutes away from ISB, and took some photos. Most of the people didn’t let us photograph them, so we skipped humans and went on to dogs, puppies, and architecture.

Second, we went to the river and took some photos, and when i saw 2 dolls sitting behind the trash can, i took photos of them.

During OneDay, I learned that not everyone you want to photograph will let you take photos of them, and you have to respect that and understand. Next time, i hope we can go to a larger village and a more beautiful river with not just dead plants (and dolls.).

A Glimpse Through the Eyes of a Lens: Manuel OneDay 2018

For one day I got to walk around a village and a river to take photos. It was a pretty mesmerizing  experience getting to just walk around taking incredible photographs. I think at the end of the day what our group produced was an stunning final product, you will be able to visit our gallery to see all the photos we took, right outside of room  3127. Throughout the whole day we had many opportunities to take many different types of photos such as dogs, landscapes, people and things in the village. I was amazed by the experience of taking beautiful photos, and this opportunity showed me how fun it is to take good photos. I really think this was a fascinating day and I would definitely do this again next year- Manuel

Shunyi Photography

Shunyi Photography – One Day 2018

For One Day this year, I chose photography, an experience of something drastically different compared to last year, where we had the chance to do whatever we wanted. Photography has always been something I have enjoyed, taking snapshots of certain things to enhance memory of the past. Looking back at photos was always something I liked to do, flipping through scrap books taking time to reminisce. However, shooting scenary and walking in villages and just taking photos of passers-by was something I have never done so this project was brand new to me. There were challenges along the way, as the sunlight might not have been the way I wanted it to be, but in the end, I think I have experienced a successful day, taking some stunning shots of our beautiful environment.


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