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Skiing in NanShan

Skiing in NanShan was really fun!

We made a parody Olympic TV show in NanShan. But the file is too big so I can’t upload it 🙁

We had fun in there, but it was kind of dangerous too.

Petunia(AKA Jasmine) was about to die because she fell off the lift earlier than she was supposed to be. It would be safer if we had an adult guide or lead us.

But it was still fun! It would be more fun if we had more time 🙂

If someone tell me to choose skiing again, I would merrily choose it! 🙂





OneDay Nanshan Ski Alice

Today was very fun.😝  We went to Nanshan for ONEday to ski. Daniel taught me how to ski (in pizza) and I went to the intermediate slope twice!!  after lunch, I went skiing  with Melanie and Sofia it was really fun 🎿

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