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Movie Making-Horror

For OneDay I chose to work in the stop motion movie making group with Erick, Kelly and Ganggang. I really wanted to produce a film with our idea and input in it. Our plan was to make a horror, action and comedy type of movie.




We worked on a script the day before OneDay and  we were all happy with it. It was about a group of boys going into a abandoned school finding out that there is a murderer and solving the mystery themselves. Also on this same day we prepared the camera and props that we needed for the movie. We got fake blood, old clothing and a fake knife.

Then on OneDay we had people leaving the group and realized that we didn’t have enough people to do the filming and acting. So because of the lack of people we had people playing multiple roles which made the movie very confusing. I did most of the filming while the others did the acting. Because we had to borrow people from other groups, we had to change our schedule of filming to make it convenient for the people we were borrowing. So the schedule looked like this.


The first scene of the movie we didn’t need much people and it was very easy  to film so we pushed it near the end of the day.


In the morning we went outside and filmed our entering the abandoned school part of the video. There I played myself but also the filmer. We had people jumping on tall walls and going through it. This was very successful as it was the morning and everyone was energetic. Near 9 we went into a dark hallway and found the first dead body of the movie. We applied fake blood to make it more realistic.

In the afternoon we did the action part of the movie, we had a fight between Kelly and Erick Chen. During filming we encountered a problem where the battery of the camera died. Fortunately we were able to get another battery that was full.

At the end of the day, I really enjoyed filming and making the video from scratch. I got to experience things that I never got to before. I got glance into how much effort and time goes into film making. I overall think it was a great learning experience.

Zhiqi X One Day stop-motion movie making 2018

I chose stop motion movie making because my friends said it is fun and I want to try it. I want to do a stop motion movie that requires the app Stykz, because this is the first time I do a stop motion movie and I think Stykz is kind of easy. I decided to do a movie about soccer because I like soccer and it is easier for me to do one movie about soccer than other things.

My project is about some stickmen playing soccer in Stykz, and at last one of them scored. This is the first time I make a stop motion movie, so maybe it is not so good.


In the future, I would like to challenge myself and maybe make a harder and longer stop motion movie.

Our Planet

On ONEDAY, I worked with my partner Leon in the group of stop motion movie making. During the process of making to movie, we had some problems, at first I thought that making a stop motion movie was pretty easy, but when we started to make the real movie, I knew that I was totally wrong, in 6 hours of time, two people only made a 17 second video. Also I was late to so we didn’t have a lot of time together to finish the work. but still at last the movie was awesome!

Me and Leon decided to make a movie about pollution, so first, there was a creature standing at the window, the air was clean, the grass was green, every thing was perfect,but then the wrecking crew came destroyed all the houses and then started to build factories and hight buildings, then the sun was gone, the air was polluted, there was no green in the city, then the creature when to wash its hand, when he turned on the faucet the water was brown, he cried, he wanted to do something, so he walked back to the window, turned into an angle, spread out many seeds and stopped all the factories  and then the city started to grow grass, the air was clean again, the sun was bright again the grass was green again. The idea was different to the first design, in the first design we wanted to use clay to do the creature, be we thought that was too hard so we used all white board and white board marker.

here is the start>

here is when the wrecking crew came>

here is when the city was polluted>

here is when the the water turned brown and the creature cried>

here is when the creature turned into an angle>

here is when he spreads the seeds>

here is when the city was clean again>


the end>


Short Caterpillar

For one day, I decide to make a cartoon stop motion on white board. I’ve never tried stop motion before, and I think it is a good time to try new things. All I need is a white board, a marker, and an eraser. I’m going to try to make a short movie of a caterpillar translation :)what i basically did was to get the materials i needed and research was the theme or what i want it to be about.

I learned a lot during One day. I Learned how to make a stop motion, theirs this Jelly Cam thing that you can use to make stop motion, stop motion is actually very easy, all you do is to take a picture of what you’ve drawn or did. Then change it a little bit then take the picture and do it a couple of times  to make it look like it is moving. At last, you put them together and theirs your final project!

you see, this movie is quite short. Next time I would do this better by adding more theme into it to make it look longer.

One Day 2018 Movie Making-Horror

Kelly, Eric, Erick, and I started with the idea to make a movie, a thing we are truly passionate about. We found out shortly after that, two days before one day, that you cannot have more than 2 people in a group. This is a huge problem as the movie we planned needed at least 6 or more.

By this time, it was kind of too late to change our idea completely, and since our script was half-done at this point, we just wanted to get it finished. Unexpectedly, the day before One Day, the teacher accepted our group task and we are back on track. I did half the script, Eric and Kelly did the other half, I prepared the props and the camera equipment, and the day came.

Unfortunately, our original plan didn’t include the independent variables. Our camera battery was not charged, so we had to seise our project for half an hour, our tripod broke, so the video quality dropped by a ton, our interest went low after records. By this point, we encountered many problems, all we can do without. But, the most vital and crucial problem is that Daniel quit our group, along with David.

This is the most crucial error in our plan. We cannot change the script anymore, and this sudden-quit set our whole project off target. We needed them for their roles, and there is no way now to find a replacement. We need to find something fast, and that’s what we did. We ended up borrowing them for an hour, squeezing all the scenes with them in a short period of time. This made the video quality a lot worse, and some scenes needed to be cut so the story might not have a logical formation anymore.



This is the period of time where everything was okay. We filmed our scenes with the borrowed Daniel, and Elgin, and did ACT 1 – ACT 3. It wasn’t as smooth as we thought, but it was okay compared to what happened afterward. We weren’t lazy and at the start of the day, everyone was energetic.


The acts are a lot shorter to film with only for people, but we persevered and made some improvisations. Improvisations include: Shortening clips and scenes, wearing masks to make stunt-doubles, and using the camera to not show mistakes. The crew is starting to go a little bit agitated, but all-in-all, and okay period, and we only did one act. We are hoping to speed up our process along the day.



We didn’t even finish one act. We used fake blood to do the injuries, but it caused a lot of problems. We needed to clean up after ourselves, and it was a hard task. A group member wants to go upstairs and take it easy, but we convinced him to stay. We are very agitated but continued to film nevertheless. (Started ACT 4)



We ended up cutting a lot of scenes, but at least the filming got done on time. We ended up cutting all the flashbacks, theories, and all the unnecessary bits. We head upstairs, a little tired of one another. (Finished ACT 4 and ACT 5



We started editing but soon found out we couldn’t finish on time. So we went 180 degrees and edited the bloopers instead.



We edited the video, but couldn’t get it out by the next day because it was too much to render and our computers often would crash because the video quality was too good for our computers. To give you an idea, a video is about a gigabyte.


But at the end of the day, we truly learned how hard it is to make a good movie, along with how to film, make a script, edit and export. Over all, I would rate it a good learning experience.



Our Planet (Stop-Motion Making)

On One Day, I was working on stop-motion movie. My partner and I were trying to inform the importance of afforesting.


First, I drew an old-male creature. But the rate of progress was being low because I was drawing it slow, And I only drew nine frames in an hour. Finally, my partner came, which increased the quantity because her drawing was quick and fast. Also, since she joined in, I can be the

 photographer and I really appreciate it. Well, the creature I designed was a bit ugly, so my partner was quite disappointed. Despite all of these, the process went well. And then,

we erased the blue sky and grass, instead, we turned them into factories and buildings, which makes the creature pretty upset. After that, we decided to let the creature washed his hand in order to let it see the consequence of letting the factories functioning. At last, we added a pair of wings on the creature, and let it planted the plants. That’s basically all we did on OneDay.


There was a lot of challenge that we were facing. At first, we thought making a stop-motion movie is pretty simple. But then, in six hours, we only produced a video with 17 seconds! Also, for the first hour, my partner wasn’t here. Well, this was a nightmare for me because the quantity for me to draw these frames are low. Eventually, my partner: Hannah came. If this didn’t happen, I might die at some points.


However, when there is dark, there will be light. We successfully filmed a video with tons of problems, and the quality of it is still very good, which is one of the highlights that I really appreciate. Also, we discovered that imagination cannot always be true. In the experience, we thought we could produce a one-minute video, but we had to create thousands of frames in order to do that. So, yes, we gave up.


At last, I want to talk about that we could improve. First of all, I think Hannah and I should make the video smooth if we had enough time. Second, we can let the “human” in the scene has a pair of eyes. In my personal opinion, that’s all we could improve!


Thanks for reading this poster, let’s take a look at our fantastic stop-motion movie!


Memes + Stop-Motion Compatible?

For OneDay 2018 I decided to do stop motion, why, just because the SCIENCE of stop motion is so fascinating, and you can make cool stuff with by just taking a series of pictures and show the pictures one by one with a short delay between each picture, and the

JellyCam, an open source free software designed for all platforms to make stop-motion

pictures will seem like its moving, like in the magic movies (Harry Potter? They had magical newspapers, right?)


The tool I am using to make the stop-motion movie is Jellycam V4, which is an open source free computer software that is compatible with all common platforms.

If you’re new to stop motion (I mean like, completely new, like, you don’t know anything about it. I’m still pretty new compared to the other people that chose to do stop motion for OneDay2018) its basically so that you take a lot of pictures, play them in quick succession, and your eyes see the pictures as moving, here is an example



As you can see with each frame i move my finger a little bit, so that when you play it there wont be that much jerkiness in the frames

This is the end result.

There should be a video above here, if you don’t see it, try refreshing the page or watch it here

Since this was an example, I had to do this quickly, so I duplicated some frames instead of actually making more (sorry.)

de wae the way that I am going to make this stop-motion movie is using whiteboards and draw the scenes frame by frame, and the genre of this stop-motion is probably going to be memes (sorry, but memes actually cure depression).  I already planned to use the “お前はもう死んでいる” (You are already dead) meme and the Overwatch “I need healing” meme.

The stop-motion turned out not so funny on its own but with added memes, it’s 200x funnier

The stop-motion is about a stick figure that is assigned to assassinate some guy.

You can watch it here or below if it doesn’t show up



One day – Stop Motion

For my One day project I am doing stop motion. I’m doing the a police crime. Here is my materials:


Some guys are breaking out of jail and the police and a suited up guy who needs to find the criminals in their super police car. Here is the car:

When the police come, The criminals kill a police man.

I did this project, because it’s cool how you can make lego men move without touching them. I also did it because I like to predict how the police work

In the future I would like to do a stop motion about China. By this I mean that I would do one about famous  buildings in China.

My Awesome Day of Stop Motion

For my One Day, I chose to work in the stop motion group. For my day of stop motion I am going to make a lego stop motion movie with a lot of legos brought from home. I am making a movie with a partner and we will both bring legos. I have always wanted to make a lego stop motion movie and I think that it will be exciting. I want to know what it feels like to make full movie and I realize that it takes longer than I thought because we had 5 and a half hours to make a movie and the total length of the movie was 40 seconds long! Today was a fun day and I made a movie that was a success and we had more people help us so we all had worked together to get a better movie. In the future, I would like to make a human stop motion movie by using ourselves.

Lego stop motion-One day 2018

For my one day, I chose to work in the stop motion group. I chose stop motion movie because I never tried it before, and I like making movies. This time, I’m making stop motion movies out of legos.

I brought some legos and I worked with Jackson Pendleton and Joshua Libby.
We built a jail and started making a stop motion movie about criminals and police.







We made a stop motion movie with 800 frames.

I learned a lot in one day, I now know that stop motion is harder than I thought because we did it for 4 and a half hour to only make a 40 second movie and more fun than I thought.

In the future, I will put the computer in the middle so the photo will have every detail we have, because we put the computer on the side and about half of the details can’t be seen.


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