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Writing an Ancient China Background Novel

By Susan

I chose to work in the Writing group on OneDay. That’s because I always wanted to create a novel in the background of ancient China and I found out that this is my chance.

First, I took a look at a few other ancient China background novels that I really liked before. I also did a little research about this background. Then, I planned out my novel by listing out the characters and their personalities, planned out the key events and the turning points in the novel, and create a detailed background of the story. At last, I started to write my first chapter using my best effort. (I wrote this novel in Chinese).

I learned a lot in OneDay. By looking at other authors’ novels, I learned lots of new phrases that I could also use in my novel. I also learned more ancient China histories while researching this topic. By writing this novel, I eventually practiced my Chinese writing skills and improved my creativity.

Click on here to see the Story! (第一章 勿忘我)


One Day Writing Project

For the one day project I worked on a longer piece of what I already have. It was actually inspired by a competition that I participated in, and I did pretty well on. I figured I could make the piece longer, and I started after awhile of planning. In this One Day Project, I got a chance to further work on this longer piece of writing. I found out even more about the place I was writing about, and got to further develop the characters.

Doritos + Literature = ???

For OneDay this year, I chose Write On, both to enhance my literature skills and also to enjoy Doritos (writing is probably one of the few activities that you can accomplish while eating Doritos😂 ). The challenge was to focus and be dedicated to a single idea (and resisting the temptations of Doritos), and of course, not checking out the latest uploads of my favorite Youtubers (girl + Doritos + computer 🤔). I held high hopes for my story, and really did think that I’d be capable of finishing off it (I realized there was no way for that to happen when the clock ticked 3:00pm and I was stuck was a bag of empty Doritos and a not-even-half-finished piece). One improvisation  I would make next time would be to NOT BRING DORITOS.

Words Come From Words Just like Life Comes From Life.

For one day I wrote a book called Hazel’s Travel Notebook. It’s only a little more than one thousand words but I’m quite proud of my creation. It’s about suicidal and how everything is not what it seems. The cover seems so happy but the secrets beneath are dark dark dark. The book tells you that death is a natural part of the cycle. You should not be afraid. Some challenges I faced was sometimes I wrote a paragraph, then I’ll delete it because I don’t like it, and I just couldn’t write something satisfactory with the time given. I had my ideas all planned out but then I was like “No this is not good.” In the end, it works out just fine.


P.S May’s Doritos helped.



One Day- Spirit of Sapphire Story Writing

The One Day project I chose was Story Writing. My friend Aiden and I felt like we should continue our story we started writing a few months ago in a collaborative document. Using the time we had during One Day planning, we planned to continue the plotline. As Aiden kept typing on in the document, I constantly look over his new work and edit. We do not have any pre-planning except a basic One Day schedule plan for the day, as we have already constructed a plan for the story when we decided to start writing. Our plan is to write three-thousand words. By the end of the day, we have written three-thousand one-hundred words. This pushes our page count to seventy-seven pages, a little more than half of our completion goal. Word Online isn’t a very good choice as the document started to have slight lags due to the massive page count.


This is a temporary book cover we have. This is going to change and we are going to draw a picture related to the story and make that the book cover.


I learned better ways to write and edit, and this story has pushed us to our limits of innovation and creativity.

The picture above is a part of the story.

One Day Project-Write On! Fan-fiction.

For my One Day project, I chose to write fan-fiction. I never really “planned out” my writing before I actually started to write it, so I mostly just let my creative juices and fingers to assist me while I wrote. My fan-fiction was based upon the anime “NARUTO”, and sort of revolved around the dark thoughts of Uchiha Obito. Some enjoyments in this writing process? It was terribly fun and entertaining  to do something I was passionate about and about something I also really like.

Writing itself is already a long-constructed learning process, so you could say  I did learn a lot during and after this project. This was actually my first time writing fan fiction, so  I learned mostly how to write fan fiction and how important characterization is in fan fiction. I’m not exactly a prolific producer of writing, which was the main cause of why I didn’t finish my fan fiction.

Challenges included: writer’s block (I’m not the most creative person), and…nothing else. You would be surprised at how big of an issue is “writer’s block”. This process was longer than I expected and I did not finish my fan fiction at the end of the day (truly a regret). Here’s my unfinished piece (It’s really short):






Unknown (Write On!)

For my one day project, my goal was to write a long story. As vague as it may sound, it was as descriptive as it could get. My story was long, but it wasn’t completed. There are some parts I’m not very happy about, but it was sort of as good as it could get.

My story writing was about this girl who is ignored, avoided, and unnoticed. She has lived her life like that since as long as she could remember. This girl, Emiko, did not expect anything from the world until a boy (and this is NOT romance… at least I don’t think so, the cover begs to differ) noticed her. The first of the humankind. There is silence between for a few months until, finally, they met at the same place.

This story was definitely not completed during one day, and I could’ve written more, but there were a lot of writer’s blocks (when the writer has a hard time thinking). I don’t think I used my time during that day very well, because, with all those writer’s blocks there, it meant I wasn’t prepared very well either.

I think, even if this was a one day project, I’ll consider continuing to write this story over this New Year.  It is a story I think will intrigue a few readers as it is sort of a classic girl-main-protagonist novel/story. Maybe next one day I’ll continue writing this story, though I can’t guarantee (my heart still lies within the FOOD).

Click here for story

The short story “Phantom of Me”

In oneday 2018, I worked on a short story, learning to write a horror story with enough tension built and persuading storyline. I felt that I was lacking in writing skills, and needed to improve via story writing. First, I started off with a concept of “what if people in the future were contacting us?” and turned it into a mystery as I wandered off in the idea that all time travelers are dying of mysterious reasons. First, I wrote a draft with weak writing, hoping that to improve as the draft goes on. As I shifted through the thesaurus, I found good words to use, and also revised for sentence fluency. I removed rhetorical questions as it disturbs the flow from first person narrative to breaking the fourth wall. I needed to do a lot of research for this, as I needed to make it seem as real as possible. the scientific devices for FBI and police agents took the cake for the hardest research that I ever did for a writing piece. I learned a lot during oneday, including the ability to control fear in the readers mind. Although the story was shortened, I felt like I could make a book out of the concept that I imagined. Overall, the short story making has helped me in vocabulary, grammar, and sentence fluency, 3 parts that I lacked before the project.

Creative Writing OneDay 2018

For OneDay, I chose to join the writing group. I really enjoy writing and think it is a great way to use your imagination. Throughout the day, to keep myself full of ideas, I rotated between a couple of stories that I wrote before hand and expanded on them. Here is an example of a short story I completed.

I published it on two online reading websites, Wattpad and Quotev. Additionally, I made a book cover to post with it.

Today, I broadened my understanding that writing stories take time and that if you want to write a full-fledged novel, you must be very committed. If you do not feel completely, or at least, very passionately about your story, it might b=never be completed.

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