On One Day, you need to create a product to share your learning with our community and hopefully, the world.

While OneDay is about following your own passions, preferably, your OneDay project has greater significance and could have some type of impact on others: your family, ISB, another community you belong to, or even the greater world.

Here are some examples:

  • Write a song and perform it
  • Write a piece of music and perform it
  • Write and performing a one-person comedy act or play
  • Write a short story and publish it
  • Write a children’s story and publish it
  • Create a podcast to tell a story for children
  • Create a video about a science topic or experiment you tested
  • Create a video on an important environmental issue
  • Create a game
  • Create a painting
  • Create a sculpture
  • Create a product to teach someone something
  • Sew or knit a handicraft for charity
  • Choreograph a new dance and perform it
  • Create a how-to tutorial on how to bake or cook a recipe
  • Building a model an interesting landmark that has had significance on you
  • Researching and presenting on a topic your are passionate about
  • Design and create an new invention
  • Design and create a solution to a problem
  • Remix an idea: music, videos, products, clothes (but don’t forget to give attribution to the original creator)

Below are some documents to help you further develop your ideas for the format or product.

Giant List of Formats/Products