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In this One Day, I participated in the event “Top Chef”. It was a very fun and entertaining experience, in which we were supposed to make and plan 3 dishes that we would make: brunch, dinner, and dessert, Eggs Benedict, Chicken Parmesan, and Frosted Cake and Cookie Sandwiches, respectively.  We were also assigned a mystery ingredient, and we got lucky with an ingredient that you can use to season almost any meal- Lemons. We incorporated lemons into our dishes by seasoning the spinach and using it in the hollandaise sauce, using it in the chicken and the pasta, and dripping it slightly on the cake. All in all, I feel like we did pretty well with all our dishes, and that this was a successful and fun One Day. A video of what we did is below.

One day project: Tony’s Roller Coaster race car

One day project: Roller Coaster Car


Pass the roller coaster track


Design process and how you built car:

I will build the car low so it decreases the resistance of the air. I will use heavy material to build the car because the gravity makes the heavy car go faster down the track.



Axles and wheel:

Wood, paper and glass


Cup knife, Scissors, hacksaw and cutting machine.

Final Car:

Challenge/Problem you may face:


It’s hard to glue the part of the car together so i use a hot glue. The car is too fat. It almost as fat as the track so I build a new thin car. My cars always turn over. I break a lot of part of the car but I don’t know that problem with my car. So I make a new car.


How could you improve your design:

I built a new, thin car and I stick a water bottle on the car so the car goes heavier and go faster down the track.

I don’t have time to test my new car so I don’t have the video.

Kamsen’s Radical Rollercoaster Racer Xtreme

Prototype 1:

For this one-day, I decided to build my own race car for the ramp in front of the FA space. My goal was to build the fastest car in the group and I failed horribly. The car was originally going to be a blue and black Lamborghini that would’ve been really fast, however, I forgot about my original designs and made a very average looking car:

I did, however, decide to improve on it by making the wheels much more stable and I drew some cool patterns on what I dubbed “Kamsen’s Radical Rollercoaster Racer”

After a few tests…IMG_3010

I realized I needed more weight on the car to go faster downhill using Newton’s Second Law, so I decided to add a piece of wood to the front of the car:

Prototype 2:

However, the results of the 2nd and 3rd prototype turned out to be the same, which confused me greatly. After that, I tried taping a bigger item to the car and found a water bottle:

Prototype 3:

Surprisingly, it worked this time. My car didn’t go past the second ramp, but it still got further than the others and I had no time to improve so I just settled on it.

If I had more time, I would have redesigned the car with a sports car-esque design that worked for others.

Overall, this project was not very interesting and could have been a lot better if I had more time, but its only 1-day and I couldn’t get much done in one day. However, I did learn a lot about building and design, as well as the ability to incorporate science into day to day life, which was not something I thought I would learn.

Hidden Angles within Shunyi

For 2018 One Day, I chose to pursue my passion for photography and participate in the project, Shunyi Photography. In this project, I was able to strengthen my photography skills and, in addition, my photo editing skills. Traveling to the village behind BSB and the Wen Yu River, I captured different photos using different functions and angles that are exhibited in the 8th-grade hallway. Photos were then post-edited when we came back to school. After hours of taking photos and tweaking the brightness and contrast, here are few of my favorites from the village and river:

The Mini Forest – Bill Zhu

For One Day, I decided to create terrariums, it was out of pure interest, and knowing that it would be fun. On One Day, we did do a lot of fun things and creating amazing looking terrariums.

On One Day, I’ve learned to create a terrarium, and what the layers of a terrarium is used for. This is the first time I have ever created a Terrarium, and I really liked the experience and would like to do more projects like today. The task was more difficult than I expected, I know my hand is trembly, so getting the plants in the proper position and having its roots buried in the soil was very difficult. Which is why the chopsticks were very useful to reach for the plants.

Below is the iBook that my partner and I have created, it shows how someone who wanted to create a terrarium would create a terrarium. If you want to create a terrarium yourself, follow the iBook and create one.

ONEday of writing: One Day 2017


Just a photo

For my ONEday project I interviewed other students and wrote a blog post for each of their ONEday projects. The project was pretty fun actually. I achieved my goal of three articles and I wrote an extra one for fun, but I still have to wait for my blog posts to be reviewed. I think the project was helpful for me to develop my writing style.

One Day 2017 – Rubik’s Cube

For this project, I learned how to solve the F2L basic of a 3*3 Rubik’s cube and 4*4, along with my friend Ryan Chen, Curtis Wong and Wyatt Hively. During the day I put my focus on learning F2L(first 2 layers), which is the second step of the advance way, but you have to remember a lot of different situation, my group members was learning 2*2, 4*4, and normal 3*3. Before the lunch, I wasn’t being progressive, and I always forget what to do. At afternoon, Ryan and I did some hard working and we finished the F2L basic.

Here is My PPT

Here is the video website.

One Day 2017 – Rubik’s Cube

One Day 2017 – Playing With Fire Dance Cover

On One Day we danced to “Playing With Fire” by BlackPink and filmed it. I think we succeeded in changing the choreography to suit the skill level of our members. Some challenges were that some dance moves were too difficult. The timing and positions for all of the group members was also difficult to get a hang of. I found that I really like dancing and will continue to dance. I’m proud that we managed to produce a finished video even though we could have tidied some parts up.

Erin and Maxine, Hour Two

Right after break I decided to interview the small duo in the class I was working in, which was Ms. Pattie’s class for writing, 3405. Maxine and Erin were writing fan-fiction for the Harry Potter series, and basically, they’re writing about Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter going back in time, and I forgot to ask why. Continue reading

Daniel L., Hour 4

My final post. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my reading. Whoops, writing, sorry. I’ll try writing this whith no backspace. It’ll be hard. So, what’s my ONEday project? Well glad you asked (XD), I wanted to interview people with about their ONEday project. Then I would write about their project (thank you auto correct) from my notes, and in the third post’s case, and from my video recordings. I do like writing, especially if it’s for fun, like writing a story, or like this, blogging. My sister has a blog too. It’s called “Brunch at Audrey’s”. Apparently, she based it, the name, off of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The “Breakfast” was switched to “Brunch” because it’s easier to get up for brunch rather than breakfast, and Audrey since the actress was called Audrey Hepburn, and my sister’s called Audrey. I guess she was my inspireation to my ONEday project. As I said in a previous post, last year I took photos of my friends, and, although it’s not too much of a focus for my this year’s project, I brought a camera to take photos of my interviewees, not that I really did a good job of that, but it was fun. I didn’t really have any fears, but hoped that I could write this post in time. Looking at the other people in the room, there’s a guy who already finished a whole book, the two gals who are doing “good” in their writing. I think one thing I really need to improve on is either working faster or getting distracted less. Really, right now I’m just trying to write until I reach the middle of the page. Which should be like what, 150 more words? I’m stuck.


Daniel L. 8-4

Jan 25, 2016

1:58.0 PM (Still not using backspace)


P.S. I kinda cheated by moving the letters around, this post was just for fun.

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