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Keep jumping!

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls shooting at him from the right side, while he tries to dodge as many as he can.  To do that he has to press “space” to jump on the keyboard when the balls shoot at him. After you survive for 12 seconds, you proved that you are worthy to play this game, so I prepared something for you when you get there >:). I worked in a team with Lang. With my partner, we chose this topic because this sort of game is easy to make, understand and to get addicted(a little), as the player could die very easily. Therefore they would want to play again and keep trying to reach a high score.



Hills background

Three Sentences that Describe My Project

My project was about making a challenging Mario type 2D platformer game that contains map trolls and Easter eggs. None of our teammates (including me) knew how to program so we split up our roles. I and another person were to draw up the maps while the last person was to and learn how to program then using what he had learned to program the game. We had to use our imagination a lot (except the person programming) because we had to think about all of the map designs (which all had to be interesting.


Two Sentences About Why I Chose the Topic

I chose the task because the task was somewhat my interest and the idea of finishing a game and being able to play it appeal to me. I also liked created a map with trolls since it gave me a chance to push my imagination to the limit and see what I can come up with by myself.

What I Did

On the Oneday of 2018, we created a 2D platformer that is similar to Mario and my role in the group was to draw up the background for the entire level. In the end, we couldn’t finish our game because we found out our coding program didn’t have the correct version. For the most of the day, I just drew maps and occasionally checked on how the coding was going. After I finished, I felt really tired and I was really sad that the video game couldn’t be published since I had some interesting ideas for the game. However, I did feel proud of the map backgrounds that I drew. Even though they are not the prettiest backgrounds, I still felt good about them since I finished for of them and they are better then my usual drawings.

Keep jumping

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls keep coming from left side. The topic of this project is about Naruto. When you lose it, you will see something really interesting. It’s a 2D

I have worked in a team, with my partner. The reason I chose to make this game it because I think this sort of games are easy to get addicted, you always want to keep trying, and it won’t really waste a lot of time.

It was bit tired, cause it’s really tough to sit on chair and staring the screen.

The proud moment was when the Naruto was able to jump, so that makes me feel we are on the right path.



We need a Professional Person to do some Professional Project. (ONE DAY)

One-Day Progress

This is the first photo of my 2D shooting game. I was able to move my character fluently. In this step, the character moved without any problem. Next thing I had to do is to paste the maps for the game.

I got maps from Matthew and SG and successfully added to our game. The only thing left to us was to give the character a weapon and set firing points so that we can actually shoot.

It didn’t take me a long time to actually change the design of the character and give it an arm. However, it did take a long time to actually make the arm to move smoothly.

However, I wasn’t able to keep work on my game, and you can see in the game that there are 3 problems that I can’t solve.
One-Day Reflection

Today, I, SG and Matthew worked together to make a 2D shooting game. My job was to program the files and scripts to finish the game. SG and Matthews drew the backgrounds for our game. I was proud that I programmed quite quickly that we had quite a time to rest. However, I was stuck at some mechanical problem that we couldn’t continue working on our game, and our game cannot be able to finish now. I was quite upset at this point. I chose this project because I thought it would be very exciting experience, however, it ended up in vain. I learned that we should have gathered more information about coding, and if I am doing the same thing in the future, I will try to prepare as much professional information as possible.

Lessons from Failure

Map 3 I draw

Map 2 I draw

Map 1 I draw

Oneday reflection:

Today our team planned to make a 2D shooting game, and I was designing map for game. There was no challenges when I was making map, but the biggest problem was no one could help Isaac when he needed help. In our group, no one knew about coding/programing except for Isaac, so when he needed help, no one could help him. Therefore, we were not able to finish everything.

The great success was that the robot actually moved.

This can be a good lesson that teaching us you should not try to make a game if you do not have professional information about it

For the future steps, I would study more about coding/programming and will continue the process.


3 Sentences that describe your project: Lessons from failure, never try making game if you don’t know about coding/programming, Nothing can be more valuable than knowledge

2 sentence about why you chose that project: When I play game, I always had some complains about games, so I wanted to make my own perfect game. And also, making a new game is an interesting topic to try, so I chose this project.

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