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Keep jumping!

Keep jumping

Naruto is the protagonist of our game. There will be balls shooting at him from the right side, while he tries to dodge as many as he can.  To do that he has to press “space” to jump on the keyboard when the balls shoot at him. After you survive for 12 seconds, you proved that you are worthy to play this game, so I prepared something for you when you get there >:). I worked in a team with Lang. With my partner, we chose this topic because this sort of game is easy to make, understand and to get addicted(a little), as the player could die very easily. Therefore they would want to play again and keep trying to reach a high score.

Eric‘s Group and the Game

Today is one day. Me and my group is working on a roll playing game. What is a roll playing game you might (not) ask, a roll playing game is a game that you make actions for the character you chose. Me and Bill is in charge of the story plot, Leon did the map and buildings, Francis is setting the boss and Austin created the characters. The game is called the mystery island(I do not like this name).  The Map on the bottom is the map we are using. At first we was going to draw the map our selfs, but none of us has any art skills so we found a  picture on line and we changed the Chinese name in to english names. The screenshot  is the rough draft  of the story plot, me and Bill was doing that. All the monsters is the bosses in different land scape and it is found by the group. The picture that has two students in it is me and Austin, we were working on the characters. that is what we did in ONEday.


This is the character sheet


  1. Wolfgang

Health: 300 when not starving (150)

Attack damage: 20 (5)

TIP: Starving speed is three times faster. It will lose HP and damage.

Weapons: swords

Notice Role: 3+

Dodge Role: 5+

Damage Role: 5+

  1. Robot WX-78

Health: 200

Attack damage: 10

TIP: Lose HP while raining, after raining (no matter how much raindrops), lose 20HP each round and when hit by lightning double damage and speed for tworounds

Weapons: any

Notice Role: 2+

Dodge Role: 5+

Damage Role: 4+

  1. Blake

Health: 150

Attack damage: 0

TIP: Can make magic books (VERY powerful), can only eat fresh food in order to not lose HP.

Weapons: cannot use them

Notice Role: 4+

Dodge Role: impossible

Damage Role: no damage

  1. Lola

Health: 75

Attack damage: 10 ,  30 is with weapons

TIP: Two times faster than normal character

Weapons: bows and arrows

Notice Role: 2+

Dodge Role: 4+

Damage Role: 4+

  1. Abagail

Health: 200

Attack damage: 10,  25 is with weapons

TIP: Can only eat meat, can make weapons for team.

Weapons: spears

Notice Role: 3+

Dodge Role: 4+

Damage Role: 4+


  1. Kursus

Health: 1250

Attack damage: 80

  1. Frieth

Health: 2000

Attack damage: 50

  1. Kurdis

Health: 2700

Attack damage: 70

  1. Frogman

Health: 100

Attack damage: 10

  1. Mactusk

Health: 150

Attack damage: 20

  1. Dwarfs

Health: 100

Attack damage: 10


  1. Snow scepter Attack damage: 200 TIP: Boss can only attack in two rows
  2. Bows and Arrows Attack damage: 75
  3. Swords Attack damage: 20
  4. Spears Attack damage: 25 


  1. Wooden armour -30% damage
  2. Iron armour -40% damage
  3. Crystal armour -50% damage


  1. Berries survive for one round
  2. Carrots survive for two rounds (add five health)
  3. meats survive for three rounds (add ten health)
  4. mushroom add fifteen health
  5. frog gland add twenty health







The Mega Cat Mario by Mega People

My project is a group project by Christopher and myself. We made a tutorial for one of hardest game in the world, Cat Mario. At first, we were live streaming and now we made a video, that is posted on youtube. The 3,4,5, and the 6th level was very hard and we took a lot of time, this made us a little disadvantage because we wanted to have a video with a lot of songs, but because we consumed too much time on those levels.

I chose to do a tutorial on Cat Mario because many people get really triggered at this game even though it’s only 6 levels and tends to not finish the game. As a team, we decided to divide and conquer, making the tutorial easier for others to follow and finish the whole game.

My role in the group was editing with Christopher. I also set up the live streaming, which we had a kind of a hard time but managed to figure it out. Christopher’s role was to edit and do the tutorial on each level. qI did level 3&6 and James did 1&3 and Christopher did 2&5. We were proud of accomplishing is the live streaming. At first, our audio wasn’t working so I was afraid of not finishing the whole project, but we figured out the problem and finished it. That is also my challenge. The audio was not working because the input and output were not in the right place.

My feelings toward this process were pleasant because we managed to finish 3 minutes before it was over. However, one part that we could fix is to make James speak a little bit louder. It is also my fault because I didn’t make the DB higher. Which made it really hard to hear his voice. We should also prepare what we are going to say before recording. James didn’t know what to say.

The video is an evidence that we created so we could show the full video of our tutorial.





2018: OneDay Project – Cat Mario Tutorial


I finished our project together with Justin Jeon and James Park. Throughout the day, we had created a tutorial for the game Cat Mario. We recorded all six levels while explaining every detail in the game. Then putting all six parts into one video adding subtitles and soundtracks in order to make our video interesting and attractive. I chose the topic of making a game, more specifically Cat Mario because of many reasons. Personally, I think gaming is fun, but creating a game seems more interesting to me. Even though I did not necessarily create a game, but we created a game tutorial for the game – Cat Mario. Additionally, the game Cat Mario has a lot of traps, many people may need support in order to go through all levels.



Therefore, we created a tutorial of the game Cat Mario. I did two levels out of the six levels (level 2 & 5) and helped edit details in the video. The most important part of the day to me is the stage of recording. Because it is challenging to explain the same time while trying not to fail. Alternatively, if you don’t “die”, you can’t really explain clearly of where the traps are. The day was good for me. Because the time was just enough to finish recordings of all levels and edit it into a video. Also, I enjoyed the process throughout the day. I was really proud the time when we finished our video. Because it felt really good to watch all the work we did throughout the day. Most importantly, throughout the day, I learned how to collaborate more efficiently and to do more work while collaborating together. Overall, the day was really pleasant and I really enjoyed it.



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