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Wanna Girls R U CRAZY dance

I chose Just Dance as my One Day Project because I enjoy dancing, and I believe it’s the best way to express myself.

I worked with Hannah, Amily, and Britney to make a dance choreography with the pop song “R U Crazy”. We decided to a Live performance, with clothing of Blue/ Black legging and short black shirt (t-shirt) & Makeup. (as shown on the index card above)

As you can see in this picture, first, we learned the dance moves by watching a youtube video. We then repeated few parts at a time, making sure that everyone is comfortable moving onto the next step, which was to play the music while dancing. Since most of us just started to learn how to dance, some challenges were faced during the rehearsal such as making up moves for slow beats. Eventually, our group (WANNA GIRLS) somehow managed to get through the whole piece efficiently(1 minutes 30 seconds).

Our final dance was shown during the exhibition the next day.


This is a short video of how our dance looked like…



Overall, I learned a lot during OneDay. I learned some dance techniques as well as teamwork and collaboration. I enjoyed dancing during this OneDay project and I am really looking forward to another one next year.

WannaGirls-R U Crazy ( group dance)

In Just Dance, I performed a song called ‘R U Crazy’ with Hannah, Britney, and Linie. We chose Just Dance because we wanted to show our passion and the theme that the song included by dancing through a song that we can enjoy and the audiences can enjoy.

This is the index card we used to write out our plans for dancing and clothing at the same time. We planned out our group name, our group members, the song that we are going to dance to, the genre of the song, costume ideas, etc. This plan kept us on the right track because it was easier to know things when you plan out what you are supposed to be doing.

These are the photos of us practicing for the performance. We learned the moves step by step and we played the song from the very beginning so we all know what moves we have to do. After doing that, We focused on the part where we made the most common mistakes. With all these steps included, we were able to finish the dance by the exhibition.



This was the dance rehearsal. Even though this video was not successful, in the exhibition, we were close to perfection because we practiced a lot in terms of fixing mistakes and editing our moves at the same time. I think we were able to finish the exhibition without a mistake because we really put a lot of effort into this dance moves and emotions.


The exhibition was successful, but if we can go back, we would have done better because we didn’t really feel the song and we didn’t really get the moves done very smoothly. For group dancing, teamwork is really important because we have to move in the same direction and actually form a piece of art by collaborating with each other, but I think we weren’t collaborating as much as I knew. Therefore, if we can go back and start again, I want to make sure that we are on track and we have to make sure that nobody makes a single mistake since if one person ruins the show, then the other people will also ruin the show.

One day project: Tony’s Roller Coaster race car

One day project: Roller Coaster Car


Pass the roller coaster track


Design process and how you built car:

I will build the car low so it decreases the resistance of the air. I will use heavy material to build the car because the gravity makes the heavy car go faster down the track.



Axles and wheel:

Wood, paper and glass


Cup knife, Scissors, hacksaw and cutting machine.

Final Car:

Challenge/Problem you may face:


It’s hard to glue the part of the car together so i use a hot glue. The car is too fat. It almost as fat as the track so I build a new thin car. My cars always turn over. I break a lot of part of the car but I don’t know that problem with my car. So I make a new car.


How could you improve your design:

I built a new, thin car and I stick a water bottle on the car so the car goes heavier and go faster down the track.

I don’t have time to test my new car so I don’t have the video.

Kamsen’s Radical Rollercoaster Racer Xtreme

Prototype 1:

For this one-day, I decided to build my own race car for the ramp in front of the FA space. My goal was to build the fastest car in the group and I failed horribly. The car was originally going to be a blue and black Lamborghini that would’ve been really fast, however, I forgot about my original designs and made a very average looking car:

I did, however, decide to improve on it by making the wheels much more stable and I drew some cool patterns on what I dubbed “Kamsen’s Radical Rollercoaster Racer”

After a few tests…IMG_3010

I realized I needed more weight on the car to go faster downhill using Newton’s Second Law, so I decided to add a piece of wood to the front of the car:

Prototype 2:

However, the results of the 2nd and 3rd prototype turned out to be the same, which confused me greatly. After that, I tried taping a bigger item to the car and found a water bottle:

Prototype 3:

Surprisingly, it worked this time. My car didn’t go past the second ramp, but it still got further than the others and I had no time to improve so I just settled on it.

If I had more time, I would have redesigned the car with a sports car-esque design that worked for others.

Overall, this project was not very interesting and could have been a lot better if I had more time, but its only 1-day and I couldn’t get much done in one day. However, I did learn a lot about building and design, as well as the ability to incorporate science into day to day life, which was not something I thought I would learn.

Junk on Earth

Throughout this whole project first I borrowed all the stuff like-mic, keyboard and etc, secondly, I started to record the music, thirdly I started Editing it took me like 1 and half hour. My inspiration was from Mr Q and Mr Moniz. It was like a mashup of the songs and making my own music. Degan helped me to make some cool music. I was playing the piano and he helped me in editing. It was a fun day I learned many new things from this one day project.


It’s My Year! (Ceramic Statue)

This Oneday, I made a large doge (Shiba Inu) statue to represent the year of the dog. To create my statue, I needed to use a clay extruder to create many thick coils, then connect them together. I coiled the body then began the creation of the paws and legs. This is when I hit a problem smack bang in the head… or the stomach. The dog’s stomach was bulging out too much. I needed to work the stomach back until it was a more normal shape. This process included trimming and smoothing a lot of clay. I made the paws and legs with two thick blocks of clay. I hollowed them out and rounded them, then bended in the paws. After that, the dog could finally walk… but where was the head? The head was one of the hardest parts of the creation, since I had to maintain its shape and carve the facial features. I kept accidentally destroying the head, and in the end, I had to make a stand. I placed the head on the stand made of a wood block, a wood pole and a ball of newspaper. AGAIN I hit a problem smack bang in the head… this time, a bit closer to the neck. The head was sagging too much! I had to add more coils around the front of the doge’s neck, and finally the head was stable. I smoothed the head on and began texturing with brushes, hair picks and toothbrushes. I had no time to glaze the doge’s body, but it turned out decently. TA-DA! The doge was complete!

Shunyi Photography – One Day 2018

For One Day this year, I chose photography, an experience of something drastically different compared to last year, where we had the chance to do whatever we wanted. Photography has always been something I have enjoyed, taking snapshots of certain things to enhance memory of the past. Looking back at photos was always something I liked to do, flipping through scrap books taking time to reminisce. However, shooting scenary and walking in villages and just taking photos of passers-by was something I have never done so this project was brand new to me. There were challenges along the way, as the sunlight might not have been the way I wanted it to be, but in the end, I think I have experienced a successful day, taking some stunning shots of our beautiful environment.


A Disaster DIY Project

Our group me, Tiana and Akari collaborated together and made three different types of Skincare product for One day, bath bomb, Lip bomb and soap. The process of making bath bomb was kind of tough becasue we didn’t prepare the ingredients properly and we didn’t do a lot of research  on it. We used ingredients from other people and tried multiple times by adding more water and citric acid so the bath bomb stays together. Lip bombs turned out pretty successful and the process was really relaxing. The last product we made was soap, it was really hard to melt the soap, we managed to grate the soap to reduce time. Also something really successful that we used different colors to make the soap really pretty and colorful. However, something our group could have done differently if we’re doing this project again is to bring more ingredients in and use different molds so all the products will be unique.

After doing the DIY skincare project, I think that the store bought products are better than DIY because its more professional and ‘Perfect’ on the outside when the DIY products might not look good and also it is most likely to recover the thing you want better. However, Making DIY Skincare products are fun and enjoyable, you can mix different ingredients together making the color you want and the scent you want that meets your needs.


Here are the Final Products:

An Awesome DIY Mess


Stephanie, Tiana and I made DIY Skincare for the whole school day and the process of making it was really fun. We made soap, lip balm, and bath bombs. One challenge we faced was not being able to dissolve the soap into liquid, so to overcome this challenge, we tried adding water and grating the soap into small pieces, this helped a lot. I learned to measure different ingredients and teamwork collaboration throughout the process of this project. Also, I would like to re-do the bath bomb again with more citric acid and a different mold if I was to do this project again so it turns out differently and bigger. The process was kind of tough and challenging, but I think that we had a wonderful final product.

After doing this DIY Skincare Project, I think that store-bought products are still a little better than DIY products because they are professional and knows what to do to make the product look good and it also works well. BUT, DIY products are really fun to make and you can add your favorite scent to the mix as well to make it smell nice and it is pretty satisfying when finishing it and when you can use it.

A DIY Puzzle

First I molded a rough slab and then put it through the slab roller. The first few tries it was either too thick or too thin. On the 4th try, I got it just right. I repeated the process again and on the second try I got something similar I overlapped them and smoothed them down and put them through the slab roller again and smoothed them out. I then cut out a circle and divided it into 4 parts. I then added 4 grooves to connect the pieces and make a puzzle. I used a comb and a screwdriver to make a pattern to offer a hint and match the patterns. I then glazed the top of the puzzle. I had some problems glazing because it would get in between the cuts and if it got fired with glaze in between the puzzle would stick together. So, I took a knife and sprayed it with water and recut the cuts that I made to get rid of the glaze that was stuck between the cuts. If I had to do everything over again I wouldn’t change anything about my project I think that it went great.


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