My project is about to create games, I and my partner Michael create a board game with simple materials, and the goal of this game is to kill your opponent’s characters, you have to go to the lucky block to get materials to kill your opponent’s character. We create cards and map. I choose this project is because I always want to create some kind of board game. Another reason is that I think creating a game is really cool and it’s really fun. The major events are creating the map and the lucky card, we spend 1 1/2 hours on the map and the lucky card. One thing that I’m really proud of is at the end of the day, we finish our super awesome fantastic board game, and it worked really well! From this process, I learned how to make a board game use traditional material!

There are some photo of the how we work and the character sheet

Here is the lucky card list.

Here is our map

This is what we did on One Day.  I learned a lot of things. I like One Day!